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EmailVal – Email Address Validation & Verification


EmailVal is Unified Software’s email validation & verification software. It’s an essential cloud-based solution that allows companies to instantly check the validity of email addresses entered by customers.

EmailVal is a web service. That means the email validation & verification software, the dynamic validation rules and reference data, are all located on the EmailVal servers.

This plugin enables you to interact with EmailVal through an easy to use form optimised for all screen sizes that you can place anywhere on your website via a shortcode. Visitors to your website can then use the form to input email addresses which will be automatically validated against EmailVal and stored in a database table of your choice for future reference.

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  • Desktop Form
  • Mobile Form
  • Shortcode
  • General Settings
  • EmailVal Settings
  • EmailVal Table


  1. Upload emailval directory to the wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate plugin through the ‘Plugins’ page in WordPress
  3. Set up your credentials and configure settings through the top-level ‘Unified Software’ admin page

Întrebări frecvente

What is the EmailVal form shortcode?


What is email validation?

A series of checks that ensure an email matches all formatting rules and specifies a valid mail server.

What is email verification?

A challenge that proves a person has access to an email address by sending them a confirmation link they have to click on.

How does email verification work?

If email verification is on, all email validation requests will send an email containing a confirmation link to that address.
The plugin will periodically poll the EmailVal servers to confirm whether the challenge was completed and update your local table accordingly.
Entries older than one week will no longer be polled and their status will remain unchanged.

What is an INVALID email address?

An email address that does not match formatting rules or specifies an invalid mail server.

What is a VALID email address?

An email address that does match formatting rules and specifies an existing mail server.

What is an UNVERIFIED email address?

A VALID email address that has not yet been verified through a confirmation link sent to it.

What is a VERIFIED email address?

A VALID email address that has been verified through a confirmation link sent to it.

How do I get my own EmailVal credentials?

Contact our sales team

How are my EmailVal credentials handled?

Your credentials are encrypted using security keys in your WordPress installation and stored locally on your server. They are decrypted only when shown in the settings page and when sent over to the EmailVal servers over a secure 256 bit SSL/TLS connection.


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