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21 august 2020
Lots of errors, it is unusable. It's a shame that Zitec name is behind this garbage.
6 aprilie 2020
No, thank you. Cumbersome, clunky, non-intuitive. By far, the worst plugin I've ever had the displeasure of using. Looking through the support tickets, I see other's frustration as well. Support offers paid (?!) assistance and belittles the few who have the courage to ask questions (and expect helpful support - what a foreign concept!). Great concept, sub par implementation. Uninstaling.
14 august 2019
Dupa 10 luni de la ultimul update au actualizat plugin-ul numai ca inca primesc fix aceeasi eroare ca si inainte: "The following issues have occured on saving configuration: You are not allowed to use this API." Am folosit ultima versiune de wordpress si woocommerce.
2 iulie 2018
The connector is full of bugs, makes you modify your website and after all that, you still have to edit all the products manually on the emag marketplace. You are better listing the products manually, one by one, on the emag marketplace. Hello everybody, I thought you might want to know my experience with the emag connector by zitec on woocommerce, Mapping categories done, everything fine type of product -> Taken from product attributes, when most people out there have them on subcategories, modified all products, added type of products. afterwards I expected the connector to take all products in stock and upload them to emag, but no, you have to modify again every product check visible on emag market place and input the brand. If you have variable products(you have to check visible on emag for every variation), they will create standalone products on emag for every variation, instead of creating one product with variations. Every attribute is duplicated 5 times, so if you have say attribute size M, you will have on emag, under size Size M 5 times. and if you have a product with sizes S, M, L XL, you will get 4 products on emag. The product image is uploaded, sometimes, as thumbnail instead of full image of the product, throwing you an emag error of invalid images. I setup up handling time to 1, but emag threw an error forcing me to make handling time 0. After all this, you will have to go to the emag market place, manually edit every product, making this extension useless,oboslete and not worth your time because in the end, you want to have your website connected to the marketplace, have syncronized stock and sales. So if you think about installing it, don't. You are better of with manual listing of products on emag but you will double your work, maintaining both your site and stock and orders on emag. The connector works as it was done by amateurs, and not by fully licenced/accredited developers as Zitec presents them, and since emag owns 25% of zitec, it should work with emag flawless.
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