Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

EM Beer Manager


NOTICE: This plugin is no longer being actively developed or supported.

This plugin allows beer creators from home brewers to professional breweries to easily manage and display their beers. Includes a comprehensive beer management section with a variety of options, including:

  • A custom beer „style” taxonomy for classifying your beers pre-populated with styles from Untappd
  • A customizable „group” taxonomy for categorizing and grouping your beers
  • „Menu” taxonomy and shortcode for creating and displaying beer menus
  • Shortcodes and template tags for displaying all or a select number of beers
  • Custom meta boxes to store detailed information about each beer, including ABV, IBU, and ingredients
  • Beer check-in and rating integration with Untappd
  • A „Beer List” widget for simply displaying your beers in sidebars
  • A „Recent Check-Ins” widget for displaying recent beer check-ins for your brewery on Untappd
  • Custom page display for beers and styles
  • [Beta] Import and sync your brewery’s beers directly from Untappd
  • [Beta] Import and sync your beers and menus from Untappd for Business


Use these shortcodes to display beers in your posts or use the template tags in your theme files:

Single Beer Display

These will display a single beer entry given it’s ID number (found in „Beers” admin).

  • Shortcode:

    [beer id={beer id}]
  • Template tag:

    <?php echo EMBM_Output_Shortcodes_Beer_display( $beer_id, $args ); ?>

    Where $beer_id is required and $args is a PHP array of comma-separated key => value pairs. For example:

    <?php echo EMBM_Output_Shortcodes_Beer_display( 123, array(
        'show_profile'   => false,
        'show_extras'    => true,
        'show_rating'    => false,
        'show_checkins'  => true,
        'checkins_count' => 10
    ) ); ?>
  • Options:

    For use with both the shortcode and template code.

    • show_profile => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the „Beer Profile” information section

    • show_extras => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the „More Beer Information” section

    • show_rating => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the Untappd beer rating

    • show_checkins => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the Untappd check-ins section

    • checkins_count => "number" (Default = 5, limit is 15)

      The number of recent Untappd check-ins to display

List All Beers

These will display a formatted listing of all beers.

  • Shortcode:

  • Template tag:

    <?php echo EMBM_Output_Shortcodes_List_display( $args ); ?>

    Where $args is a PHP array of comma-separated key => value pairs. For example:

    <?php echo EMBM_Output_Shortcodes_List_display( array(
        'show_extras'    => false,
        'show_rating'    => true,
        'beers_per_page' => 3,
        'orderby'        => 'name',
        'order'          => 'ASC'
    ) ); ?>
  • Options:

    For use with both the shortcode and template code.

    • show_profile => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the „Beer Profile” information section

    • show_extras => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the „More Beer Information” section

    • show_rating => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the Untappd beer rating

    • style => "style name" (String e.g. "india-pale-ale, pale-ale")

      Displays only beers belonging to specific beer styles

    • group => "group name" (String e.g. "Seasonal, Barrel-Aged")

      Displays only beers belonging to specific groups

    • exclude => "beer ids" (Comma-separated list of beer IDs e.g. "4,23,24")

      Hides listed beers from output

    • beers_per_page => "number" (Default = -1, shows all beers on one page)

      Paginates output and displays the given number of beers per page

    • offset => "number" (Default = 0, starts at the first beer)

      Offsets the output of beers by given number

    • paginate => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Disables/enables pagination

    • orderby => "string" (Default = date, see this list for options)

      Orders output by given paramater

    • order => "DSC, ASC" (Default = DSC)

      Sorts beer list by orderby value in ascending or descending order

Beer Menu Display

These will display a beer menu given it’s Name, Slug, or ID number.

  • Shortcode:

    [beer-menu menu={menu id}]
  • Template tag:

    <?php echo EMBM_Output_Shortcodes_Menu_display( $args ); ?>

    Where $args is a PHP array of comma-separated key => value pairs. For example:

    <?php echo EMBM_Output_Shortcodes_Menu_display(
        'Taproom Menu',
            'show_rating'       => false,
            'show_last_updated' => true,
            'show_thumbnail'    => true,
            'show_description'  => false,
    ); ?>
  • Options:

    For use with both the shortcode and template code.

    • show_rating => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the Untappd beer rating

    • show_last_updated => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the menu’s last updated timestamp

    • show_thumbnail => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the beer featured image thumbnails

    • show_description => "true, false" (Default = true)

      Displays or hides the menu section descriptions


I would love to be able to expand this section – let me know if you are able to contribute!

  • Engleză
  • Icelandic (is_IS) – thanks to rodonmanes
  • Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO) – thanks to Lars Kvisle
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) – thanks to Lucas Alexandre

Capturi ecran

  • The beer post type list page
  • Extra beer post metaboxes
  • Pre-populated styles taxonomy
  • Plugin settings page
  • Single beer page display
  • Beer list widget options & display
  • Untappd check-in widget options & display


  1. Unzip the file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activează modulul în meniul „Module” din WordPress
  3. See „Usage” section on the Description page to learn more.

Întrebări frecvente

What are the „Exclude from Sync” and „Delete Missing” features?

New in v3.2.0, you can enable the „Delete Missing” feature when running either an Untappd or Untappd for Business (UTFB) sync.

For an Untappd sync, this means that if any beers associated with an Untappd ID are no longer found on Untappd, they will be moved to the trash. You can permanently delete these beers from the WordPress trash interface.

For a UTFB sync, this means that if any menus associated with an UTFB ID are no longer found on your UTFB account, they will be PERMANENTLY deleted. This will not affect any of the beers that are associated with the menu.

If you do not want the sync feature to make any changes to or delete a specific beer or menu, enable the „Exclude from Sync” checkbox, located on both the menu and beer edit pages.

Can I use content filters with EM Beer Manager?

Yes! New in v3.1.0, you can apply content filters to different parts of EM Beer Manager’s output:

  • embm_beer_filter_beer = The full beer post content
  • embm_beer_filter_untappd = The Untappd check-in button
  • embm_beer_filter_profile = The beer profile content
  • embm_beer_filter_extras = The beer extras content
  • embm_beer_filter_rating = The full beer rating content
  • embm_beer_filter_rating_stars = Just the stars of the rating content
  • embm_beer_filter_rating_styles = CSS styles for the rating stars
  • embm_beer_filter_reviews = The beer reviews content
Why is an Untappd account required in addition to an UTFB account?

Untappd for Business (UTFB) account credentials do not work with Untappd’s API. In order to link Untappd data to beers imported from UTFB, Untappd API access is also needed.

An Untappd brewery account is not required to work with UTFB. A standard user account will work.

Where do I find my Untappd for Business API key?

You can find your API key under the „API Access Tokens” section of your account.

Why am I seeing a „rate-limit” error?

From the Untappd API documentation:

"All API applications are rate-limited to protect against abuse and keep the platform healthy. The default limit for API access is 100 calls per hour per key."

If you see this message, it means your authenticated API session has reached this limit and any actions that require an API call will be limited until your access is reset in the next hour.

In most cases you should still be able to use all of the Untappd features with cached data, but rare cases may display a rate-limit warning message when no cached data is available.

What is the ‘Labs’ section and how risky is it to use?

New in v2.1.0 is the EM Beer Manager ‘Labs’. This is a section where we plan to introduce new and experimental features for users to test. We do test all of the lab features before making them available, but cannot guarantee that there won’t be any issues or bugs when using them, since they are still being worked on. If you experience any issues while using a Labs feature, please contact

How do I access EM Beer Manager beers, styles, and groups in the WordPress API?

Starting with v2.1.0 you can now access and update EM Beer Manager beers, styles, and groups from the WordPress API.

Beers can be accessed using /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_beers or individually at /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_beers/<beer_id>.

Styles can be accessed using /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_styles or individually at /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_styles/<style_id>.

Groups can be accessed using /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_groups or individually at /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_groups/<group_id>.

Menus can be accessed using /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_menus or individually at /wp-json/wp/v2/embm_menus/<menu_id>.

Additionally, beer profile, extras, and Untappd information is available via the API and is able to be updated via POST/PUT calls.

I accidentally deleted some of the pre-loaded styles, how do I get them back?

Starting with v2.0.0, users are now able to easily restore any missing styles. Go to the EM Beer Manager settings page. Under the „Settings” tab, click on the „Restore Styles” button. This will restore any missing styles from the pre-populated Untappd list. It will not affect any already existing or any custom styles.

Nothing is working or there are errors after upgrading to version 1.7.0

EM Beer Manager updated the beer database structure in v1.7.0 and should automatically make any necessary changes. However in the case that the automatic update does not work, you will need to uninstall EM Beer Manager and install the latest v1.7.x or higher release to maintain functionality. You will not lose any of your Beer or Styles data when uninstalling the older version.

How do I display an image of my beer next to its name and description?

When creating your new beer entry, set the „featured image” option in the sidebar to the beer image you wish to use, it will display alongside the entry when the beer is displayed on your site.

How do I display a single beer on a page?

Use the [beer id=#] shortcode inside the WordPress page editor to add a beer to any page. Replace the „#” with the ID of the beer you wish to display, which is listed on the „Beers” admin page.

How do I display a list of all my beers?

Use the [beer-list] shortcode inside the WordPress page editor to add a list of all your beers to any page.

You can display only beers from a single group using the group option, e.g.: [beer-list group="Seasonal Beers"]

You can display only beers from a single style using the style option, e.g.: [beer-list style="India Pale Ale"]

I don’t want to show that big grey box of information, how do I get rid of it?

For both the [beer id=#] and [beer-list] shortcodes there are 2 optional attributes of show_profile and show_extras. Set both of these to false to hide the grey box.

Example: [beer-list show_profile="false" show_extras="false"]

What’s the difference between `show_profile` and `show_extras`?

The show_profile setting refers to all the content in the „Beer Profile” information stored for each beer. This includes ABV, IBU, Hops, Malts, Additions, and Yeast.

The show_extras setting refers to the „Extra Beer Information” content stored for each beer. This includes Beer Number, Availability, and Additional Notes.

Why isn’t the Untappd check-in button hidden when I set `show_extras` to false?

The Untappd check-in integration is handled separately from the show_extras setting. To hide the button for a single beer, make sure the „Untappd Check-in URL” box is empty – a square Untappd check-in icon will appear on the „Beers” admin page next to the beers where the button is active. You can also completely disable the Untappd options through the „EM Beer Manager” settings page.

My beer, style, or group pages are not displaying or are showing a 404 error

Try refreshing your permalinks by going to „Settings” -> „Permalinks” and clicking the „Save Settings” button. If you are running EM Beer Manager 1.7.1 or earlier, it may be due to your site’s theme overriding the EM Beer Manager templates. We recommend updating to version 1.8.0 or higher, but you can also edit the templates in the plugin file to suit your needs. They’re located in wp-content -> plugins -> em-beer-manager -> templates.


3 septembrie 2016 1 răspuns
Erin did a great job with the EM Beer Manager. Despite her focus is to provide a brewery management for their beers, it (the EMBM) provided me lot of useful functionalities for my general purpose use.
3 septembrie 2016
Stable and customizable plugin. Great Untappd integration. Perfect for locations with a static or lightly revolving beer selection. Groups make it very easy to customize where and how beers display. The included widget is nice as well. The only thing left on my wishlist is a way to display the beer list in a grid that just shows that name along with ABV & IBU. Ex. „Budweiser ABV 5% IBU 25” Can’t complain, this is an awesome FREE plugin! Thanks so much for sharing it!
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„EM Beer Manager” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • [FIXED] Issue with Untappd for Business import failing


  • [FIXED] Updated plugin to work with new translation system
  • [FIXED] Issue with Untappd import hanging, or showing incorrect error


  • [FIXED] Issue introduced in version 3.2.0 that broke plugin localization


  • [DEPRECATED] Ended support for PHP <= 5.2, please upgrade your PHP
  • [NEW] Added support for collaboration beers in the Untappd import feature
  • [NEW] Display multiple styles or groups with the beer-list shortcode
  • [NEW] Added beer-menu shortcode for displaying beer menus
  • [NEW] Added view settings for beer menu pages
  • [LABS] Added new „Delete Missing” option for Untappd and UTFB syncing
  • [FIXED] Issue with UTFB importing and syncing where beers in multiple menus were only getting associated with one menu


  • [NEW] Connect to and import beers/menus from your Untappd for Business account
  • [NEW] Sync your imported beers with changes from Untappd
  • [NEW] Beer images now link to their respective beer
  • [FIXED] Bug with how beer styles were displaying in titles


  • [FIXED] Broken brewery account authentication for Labs


  • [FIXED] PHP compatibility issue with Untappd authentication


  • [FIXED] Minor bugs related to logging in to Untappd


  • [FIXED] Compatibility issue with PHP versions < 5.4


  • [FIXED] Untappd ratings star color and opacity not being set after upgrade
  • [FIXED] User settings not being saved after upgrade
  • [FIXED] Untappd ratings stars displaying output error


  • [NEW] Display Untappd ratings & check-ins for individual beers
  • [NEW] Associate an existing beer with an Untappd beer
  • [LABS] Import access to all of a brewery’s Untappd beers, instead of just 15
  • [LABS] Fixed ID importing, which was throwing an incorrect error
  • Moved Untappd authentication out of Labs, available to all users, not just breweries
  • Updated Untappd Check-ins widget to work with Untappd API


  • Fixing WP REST API compatibility issue after 4.6.1 upgrade


  • Added „offset” option to the [beer-list] shortcode


  • Adding Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) language files


  • Updated translation POT
  • Updated Untappd graphics to reflect the company’s branding, as per their documentation
  • Beers imported from Untappd will now have their published date set by their Untappd creation date
  • The Untappd check-in widget’s brewery ID will now auto-populate with your brewery’s ID if you’ve authenticated with Labs
  • Pre-populated styles will now be populated from Untappd instead of BeerAdvocate
  • Fixed ‘undefined function’ error


  • Under-the-hood localization improvements
  • Added updated translation POT
  • Added new Norwegian (nb_NO) language translation – thanks to Lars Kvisle!


  • Added PUT/POST support for beer metadata via the WordPress API
  • Further improvements to the ‘Import from Untappd’ Labs feature


  • Added new ‘Labs’ section with an experimental import from Untappd feature
  • Added ability to select which set of Untappd icons to use
  • Added integration with WordPress API – thanks to tlongren for his help with this!
  • Updated translation POT to latest version


  • Fixed an issue with the [beer] shortcode where debugging output was being output
  • Fixed issue where the option to enable/disable comments was not being saved in the admin settings


  • Massive admin settings page layout overhaul
  • Added new „Restore Styles” button to admin settings page
  • Renamed template tag functions and restructured input format
  • Improved overall CSS to be more compatible with custom themes
  • Lots of under-the-hood code improvements and cleanup
  • Updated localization POT


  • Fixed ‘Warning: Missing argument’ error


  • Added new „Beer Number” field to beers post
  • Updated admin CSS to blend with WP 4.3+ styles
  • Updated beer styles list to populate from BeerAdvocate


  • Fixed localization and translation issues
  • Updated .POT language file to latest version


  • Fixed bug with beer-list shortcode pagination not working on index pages


  • Fixed major issue with comments setting overriding site-wide comments


  • Fixed issue with content filter being overridden by other plugins


  • Fixed issue with language textdomain files not loading properly
  • Fixed issue with p and br tags not displaying properly in beer posts
  • Added new filter options to „beer-list” plugin: paginate, orderby, and order
  • Added ability to enable/disable commenting on beers


  • Fixed a bug with the Beer List shortcode not displaying groups properly
  • Added „beer count” control to Beer List widget


  • Updated compatibility with WP v3.6
  • Removed template files & added filters to make single beer, group taxonomy, and style taxonomy displays integrate more universally with themes
  • Added new settings to control how single, group, and style pages are displayed
  • Styles will now populate with styles list courtesy of BeerPal


  • Fixed a bug with the beer list shortcode/template code throwing a „Group” error


  • Renamed all EMBM custom post types and taxonomies to include embm_ prefix
  • Added new „Group” taxonomy with the ability to customize slug
  • „Styles” taxonomy is no longer hierarchical
  • Updated „Beer List” widget, shortcode, and template tag to include „Group” filters
  • Added „Group” page template
  • Fixed a number of escaped input errors being thrown on the settings page


  • Fixed a bug that was throwing an invalid function warning on the settings page


  • Added localization POT
  • Added new „Recent Untappd Check-Ins” widget
  • Added new settings option for Untappd brewery ID
  • Updated settings page with help documentation


  • Added translatable strings for localization
  • Added new „Beer List” widget to display a list of beers with a number of display options
  • Added themed template files for styles and single beer page display
  • Fixed bug that caused plugin activation to throw a header error


  • Initial plugin release