Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

eCommerce Analytics for Easy Digital Downloads


Send the Easy Digital Downloads events to Google Analytics (GA4). I tried a few plugins in the past to do this, but it never really worked for me, so I decided to work on my own. It works perfectly in my case but you might encounter issues with your setup; in this case, let’s make it better together 🙂


  • It currently supports ‘view_item’, ‘add_to_cart’, ‘removed_from_cart’, ‘begin_checkout’ and ‘purchase’.
  • The ‘view_item’ event is fired when the different options of prices are being displayed (only once per visitor/session and per download). I prevent the plugin from sending the ‘view_item’ event more than once per download, even though the page is reloaded.

Important Remarks

  • In my case, with EDD, the ‘add_to_cart’ and ‘begin_checkout’ happen at the same time, because I don’t use Add To Cart, but directly a Purchase button. I haven’t tested this plugin with Add To Cart.
  • My implementation is based on my usage and therefore open to ideas, so don’t hesitate to reach me!


You will need another plugin, such as Meow Analytics, to add the GA tracking code to your website. This plugin will then be able to call the Google Analytics API through the gtag function. If Google Analytics is not set, the plugin will log the events as warnings in the console.1. Upload the plugin to WordPress.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Don’t forget to use a plugin to add the Analytics Tracking Code (like Meow Analytics).


31 iulie 2023
This plugin does everything needed for recording EDD transactions in Google Analytics, and these can be imported as conversions in Google Ads too (see my post in the support area). Thanks for providing this!
28 august 2022
Sorry to submit my own rating, but this kind of plugin is not used by so many users, and I doubt it will have many downloads. I made this for myself, it works perfectly, and I would be happy if you could try it too. It any issue, it would be also great if we could debug together, and make it even better. That said, in all my cases, it's working perfectly! I am using it with Meow Analytics (to insert the GA4 code), and the latest versions of EDD and all the related plugins (as August 2022).
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„eCommerce Analytics for Easy Digital Downloads” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • Update: Cleaned the code.
  • Info: The plugin is stable and works fine 🙂


  • Add: Added the ‘begin_checkout’ event.
  • Add: Log to a file.
  • Fix: Use WordPress local date and time.


  • Info: First release.