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Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart is everything you need to add an online store to your WordPress site. Powerful, easy-to-use and Gutenberg-friendly. Over 1 million sellers in 175 countries, 45 languages supported. PayPal, Stripe and 40 more payment options. Real-time shipping integrations. Selling on Instagram and Facebook.

Automatic Shipping and Taxes

The Ecwid ecommerce plugin integrates with major carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post, and others to automatically calculate shipping rates. Taxes are also automated and can be set-up in a few clicks. Automated tax rate calculations are available for the U.S., Canada, and EU VAT. Additionally, integration with TaxJar provides automatic sales tax reporting and filing in the U.S.

Sell on Facebook and Instagram

Add your online store to Facebook and sell to millions of Facebook and Instagram users. No addons needed. Ecwid will automatically synchronize your products, customers, orders and inventory between your WordPress and Facebook storefronts. Ecwid is the #1 e-commerce app on Facebook. Join!

eCommerce Mobile Apps

Ecwid Shopping Cart provides free mobile applications for iOS and Android to manage your store and sell on the go. Scan products, track inventory, manage sales and accept payments using your mobile device as a POS station. Your ecommerce data is automatically synchronized with your WordPress shopping cart, Facebook store and other online storefronts.

Unlimited Storage, Automatic Backups and Seamless Upgrades

With the Ecwid Shopping Cart, your online store data is fully hosted on our secure servers. Regardless of the WordPress hosting service you use, your Ecwid online store includes:

  • unlimited storage
  • regular backups
  • seamless upgrades and security updates

So you don’t need to worry about software updates, security patches and server maintenance – we do that for you. Your online store gets all the new ecommerce features and bug fixes automatically.

PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider

Ecwid Shopping Cart is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, which is the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide. This means that Ecwid helps your online store meet the security requirements of the bank you do business with.

Superb Support

Friendly and knowledgeable support experts available 24/5 so you can get immediate help when you need it. Support options include email, e-commerce community forums, chat and phone support.

Sell Everywhere

With Ecwid, you can include your ecommerce shop on multiple websites, blogs, social sites and ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping and sell simultaneously everywhere. Add your online store to as many sites as you want, manage it from one place.

Mobile Responsive Design

Ecwid works great on any WordPress site, especially those running on mobile-optimized themes. Your online store looks perfect on smartphones and automatically adapts to your customer’s screen size: laptops, tablets, smart TVs or smart watches. Check out this demo

Hundreds of extensions and powerful API

There is a lot of in-house and third party extensions built on the Ecwid Ecommerce APIs. You can find a ready made plugin extending features of your online storefront the way you want or build a custom addon yourself. The existing family of third party plugins include tax automation apps like TaxJar, fulfilment services like ShipStation, customer support tools like LiveChat and many others.

Your Favorite Free Plugin

Ecwid offers a free plan that’s always available with no hidden setup charges or transaction fees. Get your online store up and running at zero cost. As your online shop grows, Ecwid grows with you. When the time is right, consider upgrading to one of our premium plans to get more robust features and preferred support. See also: Ecwid plan and pricing

See Ecwid In Action

Ecwid Site

Terms of usage

The plugin uses the Ecwid ecommerce cloud services ( Your store data is securely hosted with Ecwid under the terms and conditions listed here:

The plugin uses CDN services by AWS Cloudfront to speed up user stores. It is managed by the Ecwid Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and AWS Customer Agreement.

Capturi ecran

  • Storefront


Acest modul oferă 10 blocuri.

  • Store Category Page
  • Product Search and filters
  • Product Card Small
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Store Categories Menu
  • Product Search Box
  • Product Card Large
  • Shopping Cart Icon
  • Store Home Page
  • Buy Now Button


Automatic installation (the easiest way)

  1. In your WordPress admin backend, navigate to Plugins → Add New
  2. Under Search, type in Ecwid and click Search
  3. In the search results find the Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart plugin and click Install now to install it
  4. When plugin is installed click Activate Plugin link
  5. Navigate to Ecwid Store → General page in your WordPress admin backend and follow the instruction provided there

Alternative ways

Uploading the plugin zip archive in WordPress admin backend

  1. Download Ecwid plugin from this page (click Download button)
  2. In your WordPress admin backend, navigate to Plugins → Add new
  3. Click Upload link and choose the saved zip file in the appeared dialog window.
  4. Click Install

Uploading plugin folder to WordPress directory on your server

  1. Download Ecwid plugin from this page (click Download button)
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip archive
  3. Upload ecwid-shopping-cart directory from the archive to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server

Please refer to this article for the details and troubleshooting on plugin installation in WordPress:

Întrebări frecvente

How secure is this plugin? Is my store PCI DSS compliant?

Ecwid is PCI DSS Level 1 certified shopping cart plugin – the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide. This helps your online store meet the security requirements of the bank you do business with. More details

How much does Ecwid cost?

Ecwid shopping cart plans vary by number of products, types of ecommerce functionality, and level of support.
* Free – Up to 10 products
* Venture – $15/month
* Business – $35/month
* Unlimited – $99/month
Pro Tip: you can save money by enrolling in our annual plans. For more information, check out our pricing page.

How can I manage my online shop from a mobile device?

Ecwid shopping cart provides mobile applications for iOS and Android to manage your online store and sell on the go. Scan products, track inventory, manage sales and accept payments using your mobile device as a POS station. More details on Ecwid mobile apps.

How do I set up a storefront on Facebook with Ecwid shopping cart?

You can add your online shop to any web presence, including your Facebook business page. Ecwid plugin will automatically synchronize products, customers, orders and inventory between your WordPress and Facebook storefronts. More details.

How can I add a shopping cart widget to my site sidebar?

You can add a product search box, shopping cart widget and other tools on the Appearance/Widgets page here in your site admin. Read more about Ecwid sidebar widgets.

How do I add my store products to a sitemap?

To create a sitemap for your WordPress shop, we recommend using the fully compatible Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast WordPress SEO plugins. Generating a sitemap that contains links to store categories and product pages will help index your pages faster. Please note that the store sitemap option is only available to paid Ecwid users.

How do I add store categories to the site menu?

You can add the store categories menu to your site menu to help your customers easily navigate your online shop. Just open „Appearance > Menus” in your WordPress control panel and add the „Store with Categories Menu” item to your site menu. A drop-down menu containing your store categories will automatically appear on your site.

How do I migrate my shop from Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Selz or Easy Digital Downloads?

You can use Ecwid’s built-in import tools to copy your store products from any other shopping cart to Ecwid. Find more details in the Import-Export article in the Ecwid shopping cart help center.


23 februarie 2021
So simple to use - even my most technophobic clients can manage. Easy to install, quick to set up. Light years ahead of other shop plugins.
15 februarie 2021
This is one of the best service. Thank you for your great job.
8 februarie 2021
For 25 years I've used a wide variety of shops, from Zen cart to Joomla solutions, custom created to PayPal buttons, Wix to Etsy, everything you might imagine. THIS is it. It easily integrates with in-store sales, vending events, and online sales. Seamless installation, it takes me under a minute to add a new product with product options and shipping variations. I'm so impressed I've recommended it to my website clients and am now using it for my own store along with four others for which I webmaster. Beautiful coding, excellent top-notch support, great documentation, fantastic how-to videos. Thank you so much Ecwid, you rock!
3 februarie 2021
So it may not be as established as WooCommerce, but it's a hell of a lot easier to manage and gives a very professional store. YEs, you will probably end up having to buy one of the packages to get most of the features but the amount of revenue it has generated over and above WooCommerce has more than offset the cost. Would recommend.
28 ianuarie 2021
The store on Ecwid is better than the competition, but the plans are too expensive, plus the necessary features, pay more and more... Less greedy hosts for Ecwid. Thank you!
19 decembrie 2020
While at first Ecwid seems like a great deal, I have to say that they strive in some areas. After this, it's all downhill. First let's get the bad stuff out of the way because I think that this is what most people are looking for in a review. 1. Your entire store will be at the mercy of Ecwid. Your shop is pretty much 100% hosted on Ecwid's website. This means that if their website goes down, yours goes down. If their database is down, your shop is closed. It's bad enough that we often deal with downtime on our own servers but that downtime percentage is increased when you consider that it also includes the downtime of remote services like Ecwid. Even worse, what guarantee do you have that Ecwid will always be in business? If they ever decide that one day they would like to move on to something else, everyone who owns a store that is hosted by Ecwid will no longer have a store. 2. What you get for $35 a month, you can also get by simply making a one time payment through some script marketplace and a free WooCommerce plugin. What you get for $99 a month, you can also get with a one time payment to a web developer for close to the same cost by creating some additional plugin options for WooCommerce. I know because I am a Developer and do this for some clients. 3. If all your going to do is offer people 10 items in their store with the free version, then at least have the common courtesy of allowing people a few extra features that every respectable store has. Allowing some basics like "Mobile point-of-sale" or "Automated tax calculations" should be kind of a given at any level. Who is going to want a store where they can't even add tax to their items? And if people aren't satisfied with a few basic options that every store in the world should have, how would you ever expect them to think that a paid version of your store is going to satisfy them... especially when they see you as nothing more than a cash grabber? 4. Priority support should be for ANY PAID VERSION. By saying that only your highest plan has priority support, you are basically advertising to all of your other paying customers that they aren't worthy of your time as long as your higher paying customer are too ignorant to run their own store with a drag and drop interface. This is also like saying "Sure your store is not running properly right now. Pay us more money for options that you don't even want or need and we will consider that our problem." Priority support for people who just happen to pay MORE money because they need options that we don't currently need has always been a HUGE TURN OFF for me; and I assume many others as well. A paying customer is a paying customer. If you want more money for priority support then make "Priority Support" its OWN add-on product/service. This way anyone with any shop level can just add priority support for a small additional fee. Even a free version user can pay just for priority support. But adding it as an overall shop level option is an INSULT TO OUR INTELLIGENCE. THIS ALONE cost you 3 stars on my rating where I would have normally given your service 3 or 4 stars based on weighing the options of everything else. Every paid customer (especially paying you monthly, no less) is still a paying customer. Now let's look at the good stuff. Here is where Ecwid excels above the other alternatives. 1. I have not yet found, in all my years of building eCommerce sites for people, a shopping cart solution that is easy for newcomers to use than this one. It's seems like even a child can have a store up and running in less than a couple of hours or less. Even for the more tech savvy store owners, plugins like WooCommerce is a huge headache just to maintain, let alone set up. Ecwid makes it simple from setup to general maintenance especially when it comes to adding product variations and shipping options. If you're not worried about unnecessary costs and just want something simple to use with all the features of BigCommerce without the hassle of trying to figure out complicated settings, then you're definitely not going to find anything better. Trust me; I've been a developer for more than 26 years and I know this for a fact. 2. Ecwid is akin to having a free VPN with your store. The number one reason I have seen most of my clients have their web hosting accounts locked is due to excessive CPU loads on their site. This happens when you have a lot of content that increases the hard drive usage on shared hosting accounts. And limits on CPU usage is one of those things that most hosting providers don't even tell you about until you find your account disabled (unless you look closely at the teeny tiny fine print below the tiny fine print below the fine print). Ecwid eliminates most of this problem because it hosts virtually everything to do with your store on their own servers. Sure this has it's down side as mentioned earlier but it is also a plus for BigCommerce shops on shared hosting accounts. What You Should Fix On Your Plugin: Add an Alt-Shop (or "alternate page") option to the plugins. This would be a page that users are redirected to if your shop happens to be down or inaccessible due to servers being unresponsive or Ecwid accounts being halted. Don't preload generic shop data. I have noticed that sometimes you see generic shop items (clothing) if the Ecwid account shop loads too slowly. Not only does this make things a little unprofessional, it's also not good at all for SEO reasons. We don't need your generic clothing line showing up in our search results.
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6.10.11 – Mar 24, 2021

  • Improved compatibility with Oxygen Builder plugin. We noticed that the Ecwid plugin affected some settings on the Oxygen Builder editor page. We fixed it, now it works fine.
  • Improvements for the single product widgets added via the Ecwid shopping cart plugin. We enhanced the SEO structured product data for sidebar widgets to make them meet the latest Google recommendations.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

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