Disable Thumbnails, Threshold and Image Options


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Disable thumbnail sizes, default WordPress sizes and theme/plugins image size and others image advanced control.

Useful for disable some unused image sizes from WooCommerce, theme or plugins. This can be a good choice for decrease images generated and them space.


  • Disable WordPress default image size.
  • Disable theme image size.
  • Disable plugin image size.

Threshold & EXIF

  • Change default image threshold size.
  • Disable threshold.
  • Disable image rotation by EXIF.

Image Quality

  • Change JPEG image quality.

Capturi ecran

  • Image Thumbnails page settings.
  • Image Quality page settings.
  • Image Threshold&EXIF page settings.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins page directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ page in WordPress.
  3. Go to settings page inside menù Tools -> Thumbnails, Image Quality or Image Threshold & EXIF

Întrebări frecvente

Why disable thumbnails image sizes generation?

When some image sizes aren’t useful you can decrease number of files on your server and used space.

How I can disable thumbnails image size?

Go to settings page inside menù Tools -> Image Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails after disable/enable sizes.

Why I need to regenerate thumbnails?

Because you need to delete or generate the image size disabled/enabled.

How I can regenerate thumbnails with a plugin?

We recommend: Regenerate Thumbnails by Alex Mills – Viper007Bond

How I can regenerate with WP-CLI (dev use only)?

You can read WordPress guide: WP-CLI Thumbnail Regeneration

How I can change image quality?

Go to settings page inside menù Tools -> Image Quality

How I can change or disable threshold?

Go to settings page inside menù Tools -> Image Threshold&EXIF

How I can disable image rotation by EXIF?

Go to settings page inside menù Tools -> Image Threshold&EXIF


5 aprilie 2024 2 răspunsuri
But non the less, 5-Stars for clean, errorless code, works without conflict! [ For any future user seeing this, on Image Sizes Page, Toggle ON (blue light) for thumbnails you do NOT want regenerated. ]
27 martie 2024
Hi buddy, at first I installed another plugin because there are a few thousand active installations, but since it didn’t do what I wanted, I installed your plugin and tadaaa, I could see all the resizes of the theme woocoomerce etc, in the other plugin they were not visible. I wish you continued work and success, I want to give you some advice, if you take it into consideration, you will make your users more satisfied with the frontend. Combine the Image sizes | Image Quality | Threshold & EXIF menus so that you can navigate from a single screen instead of separate pages Image sizes > Image Thumbnails > In the Settings section, it would be better if you add 150×150 scaling in parentheses next to Thumbnail, Medium, Large. In Image sizes > Image Thumbnnails > Settings we can activate and deactivate the buttons, but it is not clear what function this does, you need to add a note in the same window (activate the buttons to block the sizes you want to prevent from loading).
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