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Customer Ticket Plugin For WordPress

Desku is the ultimate ticketing customer support platform for WordPress users that allows them to create and display tickets without slowing down their website. It is the perfect solution to display, respond to, and create tickets lightning-fast anytime.

3rd-Party Service

We designed Desku Ticketing System to protect users’ privacy and align with the GDPR rules.
This plugin uses a 3rd-party service, Desku, to provide certain features. Please be aware of the following:


Capture your customers’ hearts with this ultra-fast and lightweight customer support tool.

Say goodbye to sluggish page loading times and delays in message delivery and reception.

Desku allows us to conduct conversations in the native language.multilingual customer service solution.

How can Ticketing System increase your sales and conversion?

Ticketing System helps in streamlining customer queries under a unified inbox.[increase the conversion rate]. With the plugin, you will be able to create and respond to tickets anytime without facing delays. Instantly getting in touch with customers will help to increase sales and conversions.

With Desku, the ticket plugin provides one-on-one conversations with customers, which means that you can address their concerns more specifically and efficiently. It also affects the response time and closes more queries.

💬Ticket System Features

-View Ticket
-Create Ticket
-Respond Tickets
-Connect EDD store from Admin Side

Available on:


🤔 Why Shared Inbox?

A collaborative inbox empowers you to handle customer support inquiries with a smaller team, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing the expenses associated with maintaining a larger support team.
By consolidating all customer interactions in a single location, agents can effortlessly manage, prioritize, and promptly respond to requests. This streamlined approach minimizes the likelihood of overlooking inquiries or duplicating efforts, ensuring an efficient and error-free customer support process.

✅ Improved conversation organization
✅ Streamlined automation of repetitive tasks
✅ Enhanced workflow management
✅ Simplified performance tracking
✅ Strengthened collaboration
✅ Reliable reporting
✅ Seamless integration
✅ Exceptional customer experience


The easiest way to install Desku is to search for it via your site’s Dashboard.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard „Add New Plugin” section.
  • Search For „Desku”.
  • Install it by clicking the „Install Now” link.
  • When the installation finishes, click „Activate Plugin.”

Întrebări frecvente

Who should use Desku?

Desku is perfect for Bootstrapped SaaS startups, eCommerce businesses, and WordPress plugins. If you want to communicate with your customers and provide excellent customer service, you need to use Desku.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Desku?

Absolutely not. Desku provides the most user-friendly live chat and helpdesk plugin for WordPress.

How much does Desku cost?

Desku is free for 7 days, and we don’t need your card details. Later on, you can extend your trial period and unlock new features by upgrading to premium plans.

What is Shared Inbox?

Shared Inbox is where all your tickets, live chat, and queries are directed, and the team collaborates to provide a better customer support experience.

A shared inbox is a central location where multiple agents can access and respond to customer inquiries, requests, and support tickets. It is a collaborative tool that allows teams to manage customer support requests and interact with customers in real time.

In a shared inbox, all customer conversations are visible to every agent, so each team member can see what has been discussed and what actions have been taken. This helps ensure that all customer inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently, without any duplication of effort or miscommunication.

Do I need to install any additional tools to use the live chat widget?

No. Desku is a fully-integrated default live chat solution. You can start chatting right after configuring it from the Desku.

Are you GDPR-friendly?

Privacy is our utmost priority, and we designed Desku in a way that aligned with GDRP.


8 februarie 2024
Recently found desku ai livechat software and its a game changer, one of the best intercom alternative. we are using its unified inbox and its so easy to have all customer data, AI Assist and livechat human handoff features all in a single click.This is going to be a huge hit once they gain traction.Keep up the good work.
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