Dashboard Widgets for LearnDash


Dashboard Widgets for LearnDash adds two widgets to the Dashboard page in your WordPress admin area — Overview & Courses. The LearnDash Overview widget shows you the total number of courses, lessons, topics, certificates, quizzes, questions, assignments & groups. The LearnDash Courses widget displays a list of up to 10 courses, with handy stats & quick links to edit content that belongs to that course.

NOTE: By default, only Administrators will see the widgets. See the FAQ below about „user/role permissions” to learn how to enable them for additional users.

LearnDash Overview Widget

The Overview widget provides the following information:

  • Total Courses
  • Total Lessons
  • Total Topics
  • Total Certificates
  • Total Quizzes
  • Total Questions
  • Total Assignments
  • Total Groups

Clicking on each total will take you to the admin page that lists out the respective content.

LearnDash Courses Widget

The Courses widget provides a scrollable list of up to 10 courses. The information displayed depends on the user’s capabilities & access to certain admin pages. I’ll explain each piece of information below.

Visible to all:

  • Course Title
  • Course Status (draft, scheduled, pending review, etc.)
  • Course Price Type
  • Course Scheduled Date (if course is scheduled for a future date)
  • „View” link

Visible if user has BOTH edit_courses AND edit_published_courses capabilities:

  • „Edit” link (to edit the course)

Visible if user has edit_courses capability:

  • Links to Lesson/Topic/Quiz list pages, along with the total number associated with the course
  • Certificate Title, with a link to edit it (if a certificate has been associated with the course)

Other Features

  • Just like all Dashboard widgets, they can be hidden by unchecking their respective boxes under „Screen Options”

Tested with LearnDash 2.6.3


Since this is newly released, we are awaiting user feedback before we decide what information to add. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the support forum.

From within WordPress

  1. Visit „Plugins > Add New”
  2. Search for „Dashboard Widgets for LearnDash”
  3. Click the „Install” button
  4. Click the „Activate” button

Capturi ecran

  • The LearnDash Overview widget
  • The LearnDash Courses widget
  • Show/Hide the widgets using "Screen Options"

Întrebări frecvente

Who can see the widgets? (user/role permissions)

We decided to show the widgets to users with the „edit_dashboard” capability. By default, this only includes the „Administrator” role.

Any other role, by default, does not have access to edit courses, lessons, topics or quizzes, thus rendering most of the quick links useless. If you want another user role to see the widgets, we suggest using the User Role Editor plugin to add the „edit_dashboard” capability to that user role.

Additionally, the links in the Overview widget only work if the user has access to the corresponding page. For example:

  • edit_courses – Can access list pages for Courses, Lessons, Topics, Certificates, Questions & Quizzes
  • edit_assignments – Can access the list page for Assignments
  • edit_groups – Can access the list page for Groups

For the Courses widget:

  • The „Edit” link will appear if the user has BOTH the edit_courses & edit_published_courses capabilities
  • The lesson/topic/quiz links & counts just need the edit_courses capability
How many courses are displayed?

We have chosen to display up to 10 courses. This cannot be customized.

In what order are the courses displayed?

First, the courses are sorted by their Menu Order, which can be manually chosen/updated by anyone with access to edit a course. If two courses share the same Menu Order, they are then sorted by their course title. This cannot be customized.

My numbers are incorrect. What’s going on?

In the Overview widget, the numbers reflect published content.

In the Courses widget:

  • For courses, we display all courses except those in the trash, and revisions
  • For lessons, topics & quizzes, we only count the published content that is associated with the course. Drafts, revisions & trashed content do not affect counts.

If you still think your numbers are off, it might be a bug. Please let us know in the support forum so we can try to fix it.

Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Dashboard Widgets for LearnDash” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări

0.1 – Jan 15, 2019

  • Initial release