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15 octombrie 2018
Finally something that gets rid of the most useless, buggy, slow and annoying wordpress functionality.
10 iulie 2018
This plugin is amazing. Why on earth would they not let you turn off custmoizer.....thanks WordPress. And awesome plugin that is still working today. Thanks for keeping it available.
16 noiembrie 2017
It works in 4.9. Why this feature isn't it in core I don't know. Who would like their client to change the body background to #ff0000 ? Good work peeps.
6 aprilie 2017
This is a great plugin for removing all the Customizer stuff that in my opinion isn't great for highly customized, full-custom themes. For instance, hey client, please don't change yer theme on yer custom corporate site! Well done.
12 noiembrie 2017
It does what it promises and well done. Uno de los mejores plugins del repositorio de Me encanta poder eliminar la porqueria inservible. deveria tener esta herramienta por defecto. Si los de quieren parecer Wix , adelante. Ya hace tiempo que desde fuera se aprecia que esas "mejoras" y "maravillosos" cambios solo van enfocadas a que consiga parecer lo que no es, o mas ingresos. PD: Es ridiculo tener que recurrir al .org o al .com para poder distinguir un sistema de codigo abierto de un servicio de pago que se aprovecha del primero.
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