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Cronycle empowers you to discover, curate and distribute content with your team, all in one place.

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The Cronycle Content Plugin enables you to create news feeds on your website, using the content you curate on your Cronycle boards. Curated content includes articles, videos, Twitter conversations and Story Arcs (grouped content), with or without your commentary. The same content can also be distributed via other methods such as social media (via Buffer) and RSS in a single workflow. Newsletters for distribution are coming soon.

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  • Cronycle Content Banner
  • Cronycle Content Banner with Story Arc
  • Cronycle Content Banner with Conversation
  • Cronycle Content Banner in Column view
  • Cronycle Content Settings Page in Admin dashboard
  • Cronycle Content Settings Page with Banner Shortcode Generator
  • Cronycle Content Banner Shortcode using Shortcode block in Gutenberg Editor
  • Cronycle Content Banner Editor Dialog using Classic block in Gutenberg Editor
  • Cronycle Content Banner Editor Dialog with Classic editor (before WordPress 5)
  • Cronycle Content Banner on iPad
  • Cronycle Content Banner on iPhone
  • Cronycle Content Settings Page with Draft Post settings
  • Cronycle Content Draft Post list view
  • Cronycle Content Board article as published post


-Download, install, and activate Cronycle WordPress plugin.
-Login to your Cronycle account. Create board and pin content to it.
-Turn on WordPress publishing through Publish options near top of your selected board.
-Generate and link your Cronycle account to your wordpress using unique activation code. (If already generated the code, then it can be found in the Integration section on your profile page.)
-Now, you can publish content from your Cronycle boards onto your website, as draft posts and/or in a news banner.
-You can find Cronycle board content as draft post under ‘Cronycle Content’ menu option in admin dashboard, from you can edit and/or publish any type of board content as a WordPress post.
-For adding Cronycle board content as banner, you can use shortcode generation options under ‘Settings > Cronycle Content > Banner’ or menu options in Classic Editor block that will create shortcode to generate banner on your page/post.
-For more detailed installation and usage, visit here.

Întrebări frecvente

Can I use this plugin with a free Cronycle account?

Yes, publishing to WordPress is available to all our users. For Starter users, the limit will be the amount of boards in Cronycle and a „powered by Cronycle” stamp on the banner.

How do I select the content that appears in the newsfeed?

In Cronycle, go to board publishing settings, switch on WordPress and follow the instructions. This will allow you to see and select the right board in the plugin. From the board publishing settings, you can also decide to send all content, filtering by type or by „editor approval”. Any content matching the filters will be instantly added to your newsfeed on your website.

In what ways I can use Cronycle Board content in this plugin?

The plugin lets you add any board as a newsfeed banner or publish any type of board content as a post. Get in touch with us if you are interested for more feature or detail.

Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Cronycle Content” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • Performance fix


  • Cronycle content preview fix in draft post
  • Added source name and publisher info in draft posts


  • A fix in banner functionality performance and design


  • Add status feature
  • Improved quick edit features
  • Added Cronycle logo icon in admin menu
  • Minor update in story arc content
  • Few minor bug fixes


  • Few performance fixes


  • Improved performance of newsfeed banner functionality


  • Added support for Gutenberg editor

  • Minor bug fix in banner shortcode embed functionality

  • Updated tutorial page links


  • Added edit row action link in draft post in Cronycle content.
  • Small improvement in post content.
  • Fixed small bug arising while fetching data.


  • Internal modifications in content fetching from Cronycle boards and reduction in remote API calls
  • Performance improvement and more consistency between Cronycle board and Cronycle content in WordPress


  • Added support to fetch summaries in normal articles
  • Fixed bug in resetting Cronycle content when token is revoked from Cronycle webapp side
  • Added tutorial links
  • Added option to trash Cronycle content


  • Few design modifications on settings page
  • Fixed few minor bugs on edit page


  • Added feature to fetch Cronycle board content as draft posts in WordPress

  • Minor fixes in previous version


  • Added shortcode generator to generate shortcode for banner which can be easily used with Gutenberg editor’s shortcode block
  • Few design changes on the settings page
  • Added Settings action link on plugins page


  • Added fix for issue with previous plugin update while saving token


  • Few styling changes related in the page/post editor modal
  • Design change of settings page and addition of option for unlinking Cronycle account
  • Added check and relevant prompts on click of Cronycle content button to handle case when no token found and when no board is in published for WordPress
  • Addition of code to handle conversations in story arcs
  • Fixed null/undefined values issue in generated shortcode
  • Fixed compatibility with Visual Composer plugin
  • Few other code optimizations


  • Initial plugin commit