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CRM Perks Forms is a lightweight and highly optimized WordPress Form Builder. Create beautiful contact forms and popups without hiring a developer or designer. Learn more at

Free Form Builder

Stop displaying ugly contact forms, You can make the forms look exactly how you want it to appear on Front-End without hiring a developer. Create a form in minutes with 30+ professional form templates. You can modify any template. You can select any form template which matches to your wordpress theme. You can change design of any form element, inputs , buttons , header , background etc.

Contact form Layouts

Contact form layouts are flexible, you can easily align one field , two or three fields in one line.

Contact Form Fields

No limitation on number of fields. This plugin supports easy to use fields like email, date picker, slider, search, star rating etc. You can add unlimited file upload fields. You can easily reorder the contact form fields with drag and drop feature.

Save Contact Form Submissions

Save contact form submissions in wordpress database with free Contact Form Entries Plugin. Later you can edit any entry, add notes to any entry, send replies to any entry etc.

Display Contact Form in a Popup

You can display contact form in popup and add „Contact Us” button anywhere in a web page.
Tones of design options are available for floating buttons and Popups. You can use a custom button or link for opening a popup. You can change popup animation effect.

Pre-built contact form templates

Building a contact form from scratch can be time consuming. CRM Perks forms comes with pre-built form templates. Simply select a form template when adding any type of form.

100% Responsive Forms

You do not need to worry, how contact forms will be displayed on mobile devices. CRM Perks forms seamlessly work on all types of devices.

Track form conversions

Unlike other WordPress form builders, you can easily run JS Conversion Code after successful form submission.

Stop Spam

There are many ways to stop Spam form submissions. You can use Google reCaptcha and custom image captcha. You can limit number of submissions from a visitor. You can block form submissions from specific IPs. You can Check duplicate field values with free Contact Form Entries Plugin.

Contact form submission notifications and confirmation

On form submission , send form data to admin or other email address of your choice and send confirmation email to user.

Contact form validation

You can validate contact form by browser’s default html5 form validation feature or validate from server.

Send data to crm of your choice

You can send data to crm of your choice with 20+ Premium CRM Extensions.View All CRM Extensions

Mailchimp Form Builder

Create beautiful forms with CRM Perks forms bulder. You can make the forms look exactly how you want it to appear on Front-End without hiring a developer. Install our free Contact Form MailChimp plugin then create mailchimp feed. when anyone will submit a form on site, it will be sent to mailchimp.

Premium Version.

CRM Perks Forms has a Premium version which comes with several additional benefits.

  • All features of floating buttons.
  • All features of Popups.
  • Multi-Page forms.
  • Show/Hide fields based on user input.
  • Payment fields.
  • Paypal Add-on.
  • Stripe Add-on.
  • 20+ premium addons

CRM Perks forms – WordPress Form Builder

Addons included with premium version

We have 20+ premium addons and new ones being added regularly, it’s likely we have everything you’ll ever need.View All Add-ons

Only accept work email address

You can white list or blacklist email domains. For example, If you want to accept only work email addresses, simply blacklist free email domains.

Multi-page Forms

You can increase conversions by splitting a long contact form into multiple pages.

Paypal Addon

You can easily collect donations, payments and online orders.

Stripe Addon

Easily create stripe forms to collect donations, payments and online orders.

Mailchimp forms

Easily send contact form entries to your mailchimp account.

Marketing Data

Tracks standard Google Analytics parameters of a contact form entry. You can also track custom parameters.


You can track IP Address based Geolocation of a visitor who submit the contact form.

Analytics Addon

Never miss out any lead. Convert anonymous web visitors to potential leads.

Outgoing Webhooks-Zapier Addon

Send Contact Form Entries to Zapier or any other webhook.

Synchronization Addon

if you change a contact form entry in wordpress, it will be auto updated to your CRM. Similary, you can update wordpress entry from your CRM.

Our Free Plugins

Capturi ecran

  • Contact Form Fields Settings.
  • Contact Form Design Options.
  • Standard Contact Form.
  • Sample Popup with foating button.
  • Sample 2 Popup with foating button.
  • Sample 3 Popup with foating button.

Întrebări frecvente

Where can I get support?

Our team provides free support at

i need a feature which is not available in CRM Perks forms

You can submit a new feature request here

Best Form Builder for WordPress

  • Install this free WordPress Form Builder plugin.
  • Create a form then select a form design template.
  • You can add/remove fields and modify design of any part like inputs etc.
  • You can add form on any page with shorcode.
  • Send form submissions to any crm like zoho, salesforce etc.

Which type of forms i can create with CRM Perks forms

  • Simple Contact Forms
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Dynamic Contact Forms, where you can show/hide fields based on user input
  • Multi-Page Contact Forms
  • Contact Form for accepting Job Application
  • Zoho forms
  • Newsletter Signup Forms
  • Mailchimp forms
  • Salesforce forms
  • Infusionsoft contact forms
  • Submit a Ticket form
  • Contact forms for creating a ticket in Zendesk
  • Feedback forms
  • Contact Form for Requesting a Quote
  • Feature request contact form
  • Online Booking Forms
  • Contact Form for getting testimonials
  • Contact Form for getting feedback
  • Stripe Payment form
  • Contact form for receiving donations
  • Lead Capture Forms

Do i need coding skills for using CRM Perks forms

No, you can change all elements of a form without any coding skills. You can select font size , elements height , color, background color. You can easily match a contact form with your theme.

Easy Form Builder WordPress

  • This wordpress form builder comes with 30+ beautiful form templates.
  • You can easily create a form with few clicks by selecting any form template.
  • You can modify form design without developer.

How i can move from Contact Form 7 to CRM Perks forms

You can easily move your forms created in contact form 7 to CRM Perks forms using „Import” feature.

Visual Form Builder

  • Simply install this best free wordpress form builder plugin.
  • No need to add your custom css or hiring a designer with this best form builder.
  • You can modify design of any form element and make it matching to your theme.

Free WordPress Form Builder

  • 99% features are available in free version of this wordpress form builder.
  • You can send data to any crm or email services like mailchimp.
  • Modify design of any form element like from labels, inputs etc.


5 decembrie 2023
I have no idea how your plugin ended up on my dashboard menu, I assume it was part of a marketing scheme with another plunin developers, you can be assumed I won’t give you plugin the time of day.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„CRM Perks Forms – WordPress Form Builder” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • fixed „show forms to logged in user” issue.


  • fixed „sql injection issue”.


  • fixed „php file type not allowed”.


  • fixed xss issue with label field.


  • fixed xss issue.


  • removed vulnerable sample file.


  • fixed red notice in plugins page.


  • fixed simple captcha.


  • fixed date format M/d/Y.


  • fixed custom popup trigger.
  • fixed „file links” in message body.


  • fixed ajax issue(form submission not working without google captcha).


  • fixed google recaptcha token expiry issue.


  • fixed required file field.


  • easily change form template(design only).


  • GDPR compliant.


  • new form templates added.


  • Initial release.