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3 septembrie 2016
Cr3ativ Portfolio does what it says exceptionally well. Notable Features Filterable portfolio items Option to rewrite the plugin's portfolio slug to anything you like eg. /portfolio/ or /projects/ or /work/ or /commissions/ or /exhibits/… you get the idea. Anything you choose really Option to rewrite the portfolio category slug eg. or or… so on and so forth Anyone who has tried to use Jetpack's portfolio custom post type and got frustrated with no option of changing the hardcoded portfolio slug, will appreciate the latter features. Lack of any shortcodes seems worrisome but using the supplied templates together with the widget makes building portfolio items a cinch! No amount of words can justify the ease and pleasure of using this portfolio plugin. Best advice is to install, play around with it and thank me… no… thank the developers with a rating and endorsement. 🙂 Exceptional plugin from an exceptional team! PS: Added a few words on possible enhancements.
3 septembrie 2016
The plugin seemed really good from the admin side, but on the front it's been another story. First of all : Included in the templates directory are 9 templates that require uploading to your current theme’s root directory: This is a problem. This is a quite simple task for any dev or WordPress worker, but you must care about simple users that don't know how to do it or maybe don't have ftp access. A plugin that require any files manipulation is missing Something about usability. You shoul consider using template_redirect hook in order to provide these templates directly without any user action. Moreover, on a fresh install, we had 13 local WordPress where the plugin couldn't find the single page of a portfolio item (page not found), even through the "wiew page" link from admin. I'm disappointed because I wanted to make my students use it for demo purpose, and it was going really well from the admin panel. Integraton was really good and useable, perfectly in WordPress guidelines. I had a bit of hope seeing the same problems in the support section, but most of it are in fact closed for inactivity… Sad.


3 septembrie 2016
This is the second time I've stumbled around looking for a simple plugin to meet a specific need and found a solution made by cr3ativ that works perfectly! Keep up the good work and know that it's very much appreciated, thank you! BTW, I realize I need to learn more about and get more proficient with custom post types, but it's nice to know that until I have time to sit down and really put myself through the paces to become confident with a new (to me) aspect of WordPress, there is a solution I can use right now to keep momentum going forward on my projects. 😀
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