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Form and pledgeTV® groups may be defined as a family of forms or TV Channels, from one or different campaigns, with different start & end dates.

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– An active Click & Pledge Account. If you are not an existing account holder please apply here.
– Secure site – Your website domain name must have SSL configured & all request from http should redirect to https.


Click & Pledge Connect plugin can be downloaded in three ways:
1. Here is the direct link to download Click & Pledge Connect plug-in: Click here. By clicking the provided link, a .zip file will be downloaded. Login to WordPress, go to Plugins Tab > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File – Select the .zip file to upload. Once you see that the plugin is installed, click on [Activate] button.
2. Login to WordPress, go to Plugins Tab > Add New > Search ‘Click & Pledge Connect’ > Click ‘Install Now’. Once you see that the plugin is installed, click on [Activate] button.
3. If in case your WordPress site does not support FTP uploads through an administrator dashboard, then you have to upload the plugin manually. Please follow the instructions below.
3.a. Download the plugin from here.
3.b. Extract the plugin.
3.c. Upload the plugin directory „click-pledge-connect” to the wp-content/plugins/ directory, using an FTP client like filezilla.
4. Go to the Plugins screen activate the plugin with the name „Click & Pledge Connect”.

Întrebări frecvente

Can I use different account in one form group?

No, you cannot use different accounts in one form group If you have more than one account in Click & Pledge Connect Settings, you can select only one of those accounts from the dropdown menu. Accounts are listed by name and Nickname.

Can I use different forms from different campaigns in one form group?

Yes, you can use different forms from different campaigns in one form group, as long as the campaigns are selected from the same Click & Pledge Account.

Where can I find my account GUID?

Login to Connect > Launcher (top right on the page) > Settings > Account Information. You will find the Click & Pledge Account Number along with the GUID in the Account Information.

How many forms can I display in one page at the same time?

If the form group type is Overlay, you can link to multiple form groups on a single page using multiple shortcodes. But, if the form group is Inline, you can only use one inline form in a single page.
Note: You cannot use one overlay and one inline in a single page. The page should have either the single inline shortcode, or multiple shortcodes for overlay.

Will the forms I place in my page be responsive?

Yes, all Click & Pledge Connect forms are responsive. Even if the WordPress theme you are using is not responsive, our forms will work in responsive mode and will resizes based on the screen size.

What is the benefit of having multiple forms in a group?

Using multiple forms in a single group will help you plan and assign timelines to each form. By selecting start and end dates, you can select to display different forms on the video on different dates. For example: You can have one form appear from 1st of January at 10:00 AM to the 1st of March at 10:00 AM, and another form to display from 1st May at 1:00 PM, to 1st of June at 10 AM. Once you assign the start and end dates/time to the forms, you can assign these dates and times as start and end dates for each form they will appear on the page automatically, without changing the shortcodes, or taking any other actions on the page.
Note: The date and time is based on the WordPress site settings timezone.

If I want to have different forms displayed on my site on different dates, do I need to change the forms manually? What happens if I have the same start and end date for more than one form?

If you want to use multiple forms on different dates on a single page, you only have to create a form group, add all the forms and assign start and end date/ time to the forms, then place the shortcode on the page. Forms will change automatically when they reach their end date.
If you want to use multiple forms on different dates on different pages, then you must create multiple form groups with specific family of forms based on the dates. This way, every page shows its own family of forms, based on assigned dates.

What happens if I have the same form group name for multiple groups?

If you have the same form group name for multiple form groups, the last created/modified form group will take precedent.

What is a short code?

Short Code is an auto generated code, based on the form group name and settings. This short code may be placed on any content type like page or blog, to display the connect forms.


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  • Addition of pledgeTV Channel Groups: Using the groups, similar to Form Groups, a family of pledgeTV channels may be added to a page with set dates. pledgeTV videos will display and hide based on the start & end times set in the group


  • Release for public

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