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Chat Live & Online Chat for Websites. Website chat: supports sales, customer support, live chat assistance, live help desk & Free Chat Plugin.
This is a Free Online Live Chat Plugin with free Service or paid Service: Online Live Chat for Websites

WordPress Chat Software to monitor and chat with website visitors, which surfing your store/website in real-time.

Some of wp chat features:

  • Unlimited Websites;
  • Unlimited Chats;
  • Unlimited Operators;
  • Mobile App for live chat plugin to get it on Google Play;
    (the link to FREE App is available in your account at
  • Mobile App for live chat plugin on iTunes, download on the AppStore;
    (the link is FREE App available in your account at
  • Chrome App for live chat plugin can be found on Google Chrome Web Store;
    (the link to extension available in your dashboard at

Another functionality of wp live chat plugin:

  • WooCommerce compatible;
  • Full customizable window design;
  • Chat-window is responsive for mobile devices and tablets;
  • Queue in free version also available (if you have many people on the livechat);
  • Multilingual Front-Interface;
  • Multilingual Admin-Panel;
  • Archive of saved chats (historical recorded messages);
  • Offline chat messages to email (for case, if chat operator is not online);
  • Geolocation. User/Customer on the Map. (Statistics & Analytics data about your visitors);
  • Analytics like a Google Analytics;
  • High Secure chat: communication and data transfer through HTTPS layer;
  • Users/Customers contact data Notes like e-mail, phone, mobile or Skype;
  • User/Customer social data Notes like Facebook, Google+, Twitter;
  • Users/Customers custom Notes;
  • IP information about website visitor and chat speaker;
  • Users/Customers name customizing;
  • The heading of chat widget (title customization);
  • Customizable chat sound (notification sound);
  • Layout customization like client-chat colors, and other colored features;
  • Change the colors of your message-box theme;
  • Choose where you want to position the Chat button and chat box on your web page;
  • Responsive web chat design box;
  • Chat Badge image, to customize the message box lookout with own badge image;
  • Custom badge messages;
  • Contact form for messages, if chat has offline mode;
  • App for mobile for chat now available on Google Play;
  • Chrome App/extension/addon/plugin for web browser now available on Google Chrome Web Store;
  • Scheduling (process scheduler) to automate changes of offline/online mode;
  • Possibility to use your own SMTP server for Offline messages transport;
  • Use SMTP server of to transfer Offline messages to email;
  • Test and customize email sending before your start;
  • Custom user/operator signature; (it can be changed on the second tab of „Settings” window in dashboard;
  • Operator/chat working time;
  • Schedule your working time hours and message box will change working status automatically;
  • No advertising at wp live chat and no advertising on Mobile App;
  • „Offline” notifications to email (for case, if status is „offline”);
  • „Online” notifications to email (for case, if operator is away from computer);
  • Visibility of Chat window on posts, pages, categories and main site is customizable;
  • High security;

A lot of opportunities for WordPress chat integration:

  • internal
    Use of classical methods for WordPress chat connections. Check for new messages occurs every few seconds. There depending on whether the site is accessible to the chat server.
  • external
    Instant message delivery using of WebSocket protocol. It’s extended method for chat integration into any website including chat in WordPress website. WebSocket chat does not depend on the accessibility of the site for the chat server. Works through firewall and other security limitations for chat messages transmitting.

This chat fits in every design, theme or website template:

  • Integrate everywhere a call of chat-box;
  • Does not matter is it a link, button or even menu item;
  • Call chat as bookmark link;
  • Favourite link to call a chat;
    (#chat_open, #chat_close, #chat)
  • Call chat through website menu item;
  • Favourite item in menu of the website;
  • Call of chat box using a special pages from pages list;
    (#wpadm-chat-open, #wpadm-chat-close, #wpadm-chat)
  • Through adding of bookmark link on any place in theme the chat can be called from there;
  • Call of chat using active widget „WPAdm Chat Control” on WordPress website;
    (Fully customizable Chat widget is available for your needs!)
  • Integrate Chat using Shortcode [wpadm-chat] in content or other places on WordPress;
    (Like a widget it’s fully customizable Chat design is available for your needs!)
  • Integrate Chat using of JavaScript-methods;
    (Such methods are available wpadm_chat_open(), wpadm_chat_close() and wpadm_chat() )

To use this service, you need to add your website (domain) to your account at
After adding the site to your control panel at, your chat will be signed with a safety API key and automatically activated for all visitors of your website.

You can add multiple domains in your control panel at, to manage and control all of your chats.

Multilingual chat plugin:

  • English chat plugin;
  • German / Deutsch chat plugin;
  • Russian / Русский chat plugin;
  • Netherlands / Holland chat plugin;
  • Espanol / español chat plugin;
  • French / Français chat plugin;
  • Italian / Italiano chat plugin;
  • Polish / Polski chat plugin;
  • Turkish / Türk chat plugin;
  • Korean / 한국의 chat plugin;
  • Japanese / 日本の chat plugin;
  • Arabic / العربية chat plugin;
  • Portuguese / Português chat plugin;

For additional information about sending or receiving of data, please, read the questions and answers on FAQ page.

If you need help with the Chat or you want to report a bug please refer to our support at

Data Privacy and data security of our users/customers is important for us:

  • We DO NOT SELL and DO NOT TRANSFER the data of our users/customers/visitors to third parties.
  • All collected data are required and used ONLY for ensuring performance of our service for you.
  • All data are stored separately from web-dashboard, on secure servers, with applying of high security standards.


Website / Webshop Chat Features

Web chat is a phrase employed to describe synchronous and sometimes asynchronous conferencing via the internet. It is the technology of real-time online interaction with different visitors of a website. The primary uses of web chats is to share information via text support with groups of users. The users of web chats are connected through a shared interest on a single or wide range of subjects. Web chats are vital tools to use on a website to build a network of loyal clients and customers.
There are numerous features of a web chat that websites users can choose. The choice of such features is dependent on the purpose of the website and the targeted audience. Web chat software facilitates a smooth flow of information and inquiries between the users and agents of a website. In addition, they aid in sharing of relevant data between business persons and their customers. In a business, web chats increase sales and improves the conversion rate of customers to potential buyers. They also give a business competitive advantage and cultivate customer’s loyalty by improving the customer service.

Key Features of the Chat for Website

Live Chat

It is a live support, web analytics and online marketing application for both small and large entities. The application is also for single users to be used for personal communication. Live chat applications are offered in different models. They permit real time communication between two participants via the internet. Having a chat on a website increases its usability and functionality. In businesses, chats save time and money. In addition, they facilitate the transfer of data or messages between different departments and increases sales.

Tools of Live Chat

Message Sneak-Peek

Helps to take a look at a customer’s mind via live chat. Everything that clienteles write is observable on a chat window. This is even if they do not send the message over. Message sneak-peeks permits the administrator to prepare an answer and also notice other problems that might go unnoticed.

Canned Responses

An administrator does not have to type a single response over and over again. He/she can work smart by developing a canned response. It is a pre-made online answers worksheet to popular questions asked on a live chat. The responses can be accessed by visitors looking for assistance by following a few steps on the website.

Visitor Information

A live chat gives all the crucial visitors information essential to close a sale. Each chat on a website can start with a customized pre-chat survey. The survey can capture the customer’s names, email, street address, telephone number and other information.

Chat Tags

Tagging chats give a live support administrator new levels of client data. Administrators can check statistics of particular cases only. For instance, he/she can check current clients’ satisfaction levels in all support chats. A support administrator can check up for the hardest cases that require extra time to solve.

Chat Archives

All chats broadcasted on a live chat can be accessed later using a chat archive tool. The chat archive tool (in website chat for WordPress) uses rich filtering options to trace conversations. Certain phrases used during the real time chat are used to track a conversation. The oldest chat messages will be archived with this tool in our chat cloud for chat messages.

Chat Time line

When handling recurrent customers, a live chat administrator can check previous communications to guarantee the best services. Through a timeline (time line), all previous conversations are available on a chat window. There is no need to switch back and forth between the support archives and the chat. The time-line functionality will be added in featured chat administrator versions, if some of our users/customers will be glad to have this timeline functionality in their chat system.

File Sharing

The agents and customers in a live chat can exchange files. There is no need to use links or email attachments to share data. They can simply drag and drop the desired data files on the chat windows. Such sharing of data is easy and instantaneous. The file sharing feature will be added in Chats system as soon as possible.

Notifications on live chat

Live chats (website chat) use sound and visual notifications to ensure that there are no chat messages that go unnoticed. A chat platform (the system of website chat) can have either or both sound and visual notifications. Using the notifications tool, an administrator can choose which notifications to receive or postpone.

Website Visitor Bann at online chat

Live chat administrators (chat operator, chat moderator) can use the banning tool to restrict disruptive visitors from accessing the chat for some time. The tool can also be used to control the number of visitors visiting a website. This aids in saving time and money.

Website chat with Live Support

It is an efficient method of communicating with clients on a website. To initiate a chat with a website administrator, clients can press the live support icon on a website. The icon can be placed in any section of a website. A communication is initiated almost immediately after this between the website’s agent and the client. Website visitors can use the live support chat tool to guide prospective buyers in making the right purchasing decision.

Website chat with Contact Form (In Offline Mode)

There are sections of a website that can be used by customers to reach an administrator. Contact forms are in most cases used on websites in offline mode only. Website contact forms an easy way for clients to send information or inquiries to the administrators of a website. Each website form contains multiple fields that users can fill out. The filled messages are then sent to an website administrator’s email address linked to the form. There are four types of contact forms.

  • Basic Form: they are standard forms containing names, email, telephone number and comments sections.
  • Detailed Form: they are aimed at collecting more detailed information from prospective clients. Such details include names, email, budget, location, comments, how did you hear about us and telephone number.
  • Stacked Form: has the same details like a basic form but laid differently.
  • Details Inside: has the same details like a basic form except that the labels of all details are placed inside an entry box.

Customer Help

The tool permits customers to contact the website support team by creating a ticket. Tickets enable a website’s team to collaborate in resolving issues without interfering with each other’s work. Every request sent by a customer becomes a ticket on an administrator’s helpdesk. In most cases, tickets are not responded to the sender immediately. They are replied after a few hours and notified via the sender’s email address. A support member can easily categorize and prioritize tickets received through a website. He/she can then assign them to the right persons. There is no need to worry about different agents solving a single ticket. This is because each team member can see who is working on a ticket and its status.

Information about Internet Relay Chat

Internet Relay Chat is a real time chat that uses an IRC program to connect to a central IRC server. Users of the program are free to pick a channel of their choice.
IRC chatting system features a set of rules that govern the chat actions of users. An IRC client is used in the communication and visitors can start a chat group or join an existing group. IRC is designed for group communications or discussion forums referred as channels. IRC chat can also be used for one-on-one communication through private messaging or simple chats. It supports data transfer and file sharing.

Usenet Newsgroup within chat connection

Usenet Newsgroup is an asynchronous form of chatting. Inside of the Usenet system is a repository, for numerous messages posted from user to users in varying locations over the web. Usenet Newsgroup are devoted to the distribution of published news to its users. A newsreader application is used for reading in the newsgroups. Users can subscribe to the newsgroups to access the news or chat with other users. Usenet Newsgroups functionality is similar to chat or messages of discussion forums on website.

Chat as web based software

Web based system as a chat tool is a chat system that permits users to communicate with others in real time and not only as real time chat. Sometimes you can set the chat settings in offline mode. Website administrator (website chat operator) can communicate with website visitors (users or customers of their website) on a particular topic or particular product using web interfaces. It is distinguished from other web chats features because of its simplicity and convenience in usage. No specialized chat software is required in web-based chats, except your own needs and requirements to the web chat software (web based chat software). Users can always obtain the latest version of a web chat since no updates or applications are required. Webchat are also referred as IM, instant messenger or just messenger for web.

Discussion Board on website

Discussion Board is a forum where users can read or post messages on a specific website. It is an effective tool that can be used for customers support likely chat web based software for websites. Discussion Board can also be used for education purposes as web based discussion software. Users do not need to be in similar time zones or locations to participate in the chats. Users of discussion boards can consider their responses carefully and later post their answers on the discussion board. Discussion Board is best suited method for group communication, but can also work for one-to-one communication as a chat for web.

Comparison of Mailing List to… Online Web Chat

Mailing List is an asynchronous form of chat in offline mode, that users can subscribe via emails. Whenever a blast is sent, a user will attain a copy of the message through his/her email. A mailing list encompasses the names and contact information of the subscribed mail users. Communication materials to multiple recipients can be sent by an individual employers or organizations. There are two forms of a mailing lists. The announcement list is used to send newsletters, journals, and periodicals to recipients. A discussion list permits users to post their own items, which are broadcasted to all users.

Online Conferencing

Chat online conferencing is an online communication method, that uses voice or videos to chat. Online Chat Conferencing will be used for live chat conferences or one-on-one personal online chats. Online webinars are conferencing platforms, used by people, to chat with web shop clients (as example). Online conference chatting (chat conferences) eliminates location barriers, increases engagement of users.

Moderate Chat

Chatting system, where all participants of a chat do not see the same chat comments is a Moderate Chat. Questions and answers by participants, in such „moderated” chat, are validated by an operator before they can be seen by other participants. A speaker can see all chat comments from the participants and choose one of them to reply or delete. It is easy to follow candidates in the chat, despite the fact, that there are numerous participants in moderated chat forum. Speakers can remove inappropriate entries and control a smooth flow of Moderate Chat question and answers.

Classic Chat on website

Chat, where all sent comments or sent entries are not moderated is a classic chat. All participants in the chat room can view all entries in real time. When a question, answer or comment is entered, it becomes visible to all persons at the bottom of the chat screen. It is straight forward to use and corresponds to other online chats like IM, free chat, contact forum and Skype.


Dedicated application to providing video chats and voice calls is a good example for Skype calls. Users can create conference calls, exchanges files, images, video messages and texts. They can download the application for free on the internet. The application is user-friendly and can be used for personal or corporate communications. Skype can be installed on different computer operating systems to suit the user’s preferences.

Website Chat Tools

We are living in a digital world. For any website that is looking to engage with those who are visiting it, being able to do so is very important. There several ways to achieve this. One of those ways is website chat.

Internal website linking support

Even if your website visitor go through internal links from one page or site to another, or he will open the next page in a new browser tab or window – the session will not break the communication between you and the customer.

What is website chat?

To understand what website chat has to offer it may be useful first to understand what website chat is. Website chat is a tool that allows those who are using it to communicate in real time using a web interface that is accessible via web interfaces. Compared with other chat tools it is much easier and accessible by those who do not want to take the time to install and learn how to use specialized chat software. The result is that users have immediate access and only need a web browser or an App to chat. With there being no requirement to install any software, this means that those using it on a website always have the most up to date version of the tool, if WordPress plagin was also updated.

Why the need for website chat?

If your website have Chat for WordPress – it is promoting to go online, to be successful, then this will mean having to engage with customers on a routine basis. The traditional ways of engaging such as the telephone and email are, in today’s digital world, becoming more and more obsolete. For the business to stay ahead of its competitors, it is important for them to invest in new technologies. If they do this then it will allow them to continue providing high levels of customer support.
When it comes to maintaining customer support, it is important that we do it right. While email and the telephone are options, they are not always practical. If customers are in a hurry then having them wait on the phone or wait for an email response potentially risks you losing a customer sale. Keeping those sales means being able to engage with customers in real time. This is where website chat software can help as it enables talking with someone in real time asking questions and solving problems.
Rather than do just one thing when it comes to communicating with your customers website chat fills a number of needs. For the business it meets the need for a smooth and efficient customer service. For the customer it meets their needs in that can get help or answers to their questions there and then. They don’t have to wait for a response. If you don’t want the customer going elsewhere, then website chat provides a way for the websites to work with and listen to their customers.
For any website that wants to be focused on the customer first then website chat and the features available provide an effective way of meeting this need.

Key Features of Online Chat, Online Helpdesk (online help desk) and online Live Chat

When it comes to website chat software, there are a number of different offerings available on the market. Despite this nearly all of them have very similar key features. What they all have in common is that the tools available are all about providing the customer with assistance. The customer comes first.
Probably the most important key feature when it comes to website chat is that of „customer help”. Customers can talk to an operator, perhaps in response to a set of options that are shown to them. In helping customers, usually the sort of questions they have will revolve around „How Do I” or „What do I” types of questions. The operator can respond initially with a canned response if it is an issue that is frequently asked or a more tailored response where the question is something new. It may, however, be that the customer’s problem is unusual.
When a customer (Visitor, Chatter) uses a website to purchase something or carry out some form of transaction, there will be times when things may not go according to plan for them. As a result, the customer will want support in order to resolve the problem. Live support is another feature that can be found as part of the website chat tools that can help. The employers and their operators can filling, that they can help them resolve all of problems within chat. Some of websites chat tools can be integrated with helpdesk tools (help desk tools), which means that the visitor can ultimately register their issue online, have a number assigned to the problem and be kept updated by an operator working to resolve it.
If the website is to be the voice of the WordPress chat then being able to engage with customers could be the difference between a customer sale or not. Another feature of website chat tools is allowing the website chat through the tools to carry out a live chat with customers. For the customers when they visit a website with a view to purchasing something they may have questions about the site or whatever it is that they are looking to buy. Live chat allows them to talk to an operator and get a quick answer. Alternatively an operator can initiate a conversation with an individual customer perhaps offer them a discount and turn the visit into a sale.
While live chat can be used on a website that is providing a service or some online service, this is not the only area in which this can work. Live chat can work effectively on any website that provides information. It offers a way for visitors to engage an operator so that they can get an answer to any questions they might have.
Engaging with customers can sometimes be about letting them request more information on an issue. Another feature of website chat tools is to include a contact form on the website that allow them to request more information. The customer can enter their details into the contact form. The operator can then deal with the application between responding to other messages.
Another feature of website chat tools relates to its use by the business. The inclusion of analytical tools can help the business to identify where visitors may be surfing through the net. Businesses can use the information to help improve their engagement with customers. All of this is about helping the business to improve what they are doing and at the end of the day provides them with a means to make more money and perhaps also get ahead of their competitors.

Benefits of website chat (online live chats)

We are living in an ever increasing digital world. With more and more services available online, engaging with and keeping those who are using your services happy is important. Website chat offers a number of advantages in meeting this goal.
The first one is that website chat tools provide the WordPress with a way of engaging with customers. It can help give a good first impression since it shows that the websites wants to engage with the visitor. The customer can get an answer to their question quickly. For the WorsPress website chat, they can see who is visiting their website that in turn can lead to potential new sales. Visits can potentially become new leads to follow up on, perhaps through the use of offers or discounts.
Another benefit is that it saves both the time and the money being explored through the website with a way to save customers. For the customer (visitor, user), the major time saver is that they get an answer to their question straight away. Compared to email or telephone when there would be a delay, using website chat means engaging with customers is almost in real time.
As well as saving time, another advantage is that website chat tools and the features they offer can save money. For the customer, that saving comes from them being able to get a quick response for assistance whether that be asking a question or getting support from a helpdesk (help desk). For the WordPress websites, the use of website chat tools saves them money in so far as they do not need as many staff providing support to customers. Since operators can have a desktop interface, as opposed to a web interface, it means that they can be communicating with more than one customer who is visiting the website with chat.
Taken all together the benefits of website chat tools are that it can help the business put forward a good first impression as well as improve its engagement with visitors to its website.

What to look for?

When it comes to website chat offerings, there are a wide variety on the market. Which one you opt for will depend entirely on what your business requirements are. Any website chat tool that is used needs be something that fits with your strategy for communicating with customers. The solution needs to be easy to use not just by the customers but also by the operators as well. Also when looking at what’s available it needs to be something that can be easily integrated into your website with whatever branding you want to use.
When looking at website chat tools you need to ask yourself whether what you want to achieve is to allow your brand to finds its voice. If the answer is yes, then website chat means that the customer can be in communication with a real person getting the customer the help that they are wanting. It gives the business its brand and a real personality that customers can engage with.
Alternatively you may need to consider whether what you are looking for is the ability to offer your customers real-time support. Website chat provides customers with a way of accessing real-time support at any time of the day. The result is that customers will carry on with what they are doing rather than go elsewhere. It also means that the visitor to the website is more likely to engage with the business if they know that assistance is always only a click of a button away from them.
If your business requirement is to sell directly to visitors to your website then when looking for chat software you will want one that can help engage them. This might, for example, mean being able to target offers based on an individual’s behaviour. Being able to target offers has the potential to increase a visit becoming a sale.

Online Chat (Live Chat) is a Time Saver

They say that „Time is money”. In running a business being able to serve your website visitors well means saving them and you both money and time. Website chat, mainly live chat is a good way to delivering this. For you, you don’t need so many customer support staff since they can handle more communication and for the users, visitors and customer, get a quick response to users question (users request) when they need it.
Improving your customer relations using website chat tools will make things much easier and more efficient. That said it is also worthwhile having others ways for people to get in touch with you will ensure that none of your customers feel excluded. Using website chat provides a way for keeping the business ahead of the competitors for years to come.

Offers of chats for different purposes

Online chat there are for different purposes, but the main function of live chat is to transmit messages from one chat device to another chat device. The message transmission can happen online or offline. Of course the chat from operated by WPAdm ( works „online” as „offline”. This both futures are very impotent for customer help or as chat helpdesk (help desk). The website chat according to our statistics consist of short informative text messages, often it is spoken ordinary conversation. The main difference to other form of online communication that chat participants see all chat history conversation and see if the chat conversation partner are online or offline. Wp chat has different chatting possibilities how a group chat. The group chat consist possibility to chatting from one chat to multiple receivers it is the same how web conference. The web conference is synchron conference between several talkers. The most companies use online chat as informal conversation between employees, but the chat content stay confidential. This chat content doesn’t go outside the company. The snag by company group chat is that employees know that all chat content stay as big data on company servers and in case of disagreement can be used as evidence. That means that whether privet chat or group chats it is not informal chat conversation and isn’t anonymous. offers chat software as for bbPress chat or BuddyPress chat, also for anonymous purpose. offers free live chat for companies and firms. In most cases in free live chat account enough functions to get the customers good sales support. In wp chat professional version it is possible better adjust the online chat design for clients part and for admin area. Chats offers anonymously chats on separate servers for firms that all chat conversation content whether for chat sales support or for helpdesk (help desk) will be saved on firm servers or on servers of (archives or just web chat archive).

Capturi ecran

  • For all platforms: webchat, that works on mobile iPhone, Android or BlackBarry.
  • The main plugin page on WordPress website after successful installation and activation. It's meaning installation as a WordPress plugin, but it is also possible to install/integrate it through copy and paste of one line source code on ANY website.
  • Fully customizable chat-box interface possesses the wide range of colors and texts to make it looks pretty, user-friendly and attractive on website.
  • Create own greeting, title, field names and button names to increase visitor loyalty. As a result it enhance conversions of selling.
  • Change the Width and Position of the box in the Advanced settings. On WordPress plugin page is possible to set the integration method, change status and delay for the automatic pop-up. The invitation of the user to the conversation through automatic pop-up box and also the raising of sales.
  • Select images for website WordPress user, admin or visitor avatars.
  • Simple Shortcode to create initiation button or link directly on site pages.
  • Dashboard to lead unlimited online realtime dialogs, changing of status (as at WordPress plugin page), make all the necessary settings, manage unlimited chat operators, view unlimited archive, etc.
  • Communicate with visitors, view information about customers, analyse it online and increase the conversion of web site or web store.


  1. Upload the plugin folder Chats to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Login into your account at directly from your installed Chats plugin page to activate the Chats plugin and add website to account on

Întrebări frecvente

How do I Authorize the Chat plugin? I currently have it active and I login at the back in admin of my WordPress but I still get the message.

Please login to our chats service through Chat plugin page in WordPress admin area.

What kind of data sends my website to your service?

The plugin sends all chats messages into your account on
Additionally plugin sends to your account on (to the chats service) IP address and browser names of your website visitors.

All messages are sent only with presence of a unique API key.

What kind of data received my website from your service?

The plugin sends all messages into your WordPress website during your chatting.
Check the state of the plugin.

All messages are sent only with presence of a unique API key.

I want to use this chats plugin as a customer service or customer support. Is it possible?

Customer service – is the provision of service to customers. Customer service before, customer service during and customer service after a purchase.
Using chats plugin, you substantially increase quality of your service, without speaking about increase in sales. You can use chats plugin to activate own, full customized widget at your website to guarantee the highest service for customers.
Customer support also as well as customer service is a very big step on the way to WordPress. With Chats plugin you will be able to carry out also customer support of your clients on any questions. And YES, this plugin/widget is free of charge and you can easily install messenger on your website or webshop, easily activate, customize design of the widget to test customer support at your discretion.

I am going to establish your customer support widget on our public portal. Whether you will support me, during its work?

We support all our clients irrespective of paid or free version of a support chat of our clients support (customer support).

How many users can serve this live web chat plugin in real time?

We have no limitations for our live web chat customers specially for serving. It doesn’t matter if you one of our paid or free users for live web chat you haven’t any limitations for serving.

I have installed Chats plugin. Some error was encountered „Connection error”. Please help.

You must be sure, that the Chats plugin is activated. Just login into your account at directly from your installed Chats plugin to activate the Chats plugin.

Hi team, I have installed the Chats plugin. Please help within error encountered „Connection error”. This is an testing website as its under construction. Site will be live soon. Please look into the matter.

You must login into your account on your online dashboard at from your WordPress installed Chats plugin to authenticate and activate your Chats plugin.
Just Login/Authorize from your domain in your online account at

I uninstalled your plugin and deleted it. It still shows up on my pages. It is causing my site to not post blog posts as well as update any other pages that i make changes to. How do i get this plugin off of my site?

There are two things, you must check:

– the cache of your web browser;

For example: cache of Firefox browser, cache of Internet Explorer browser, cache of Safari browser, cache of Chrome browser, cache of Opera browser, etc.
– the cache of your website, if you use some of cache plugins for WordPress website;
Some of examples coming soon.

Is it possible that the user sees when no one is online for live support with the chat box?
I can find several texts in my WP-admin console to inform… but on my site, a visitor doesn’t see this information.

Yes, this is possible.
Before chat operator goes away, the chat mode must be changed to „Offline” mode. In this case the chat box will show visitors the corresponding texts for „Offline mode” and the chat box still appear on website. All messages will be sent out of the website chat box through email to chat operator.

I have some questions about your Helpdesk chat. How to install helpdesk and how to get started with this helpdesk?

About „How to install helpdesk?” you can read in the chapter „Installation” of this Live Chat plugin. As you can read from Live Chat description: we offer the livechat as chat for live support. It means, that this plugin don’t include something like helpdesk ticket system or something like help desk database answer / help desk database with answers for support requests. Despite it we plan to make helpdesk or ticket based helpdesk support system soon. As you see, the help desk will coming, but before you can install our free awesome live chat plugin and take pleasure in it fully.

Is the white label available for live chat plugin?

For sure, but only in live chat PRO plugin version. In the settings you will be able to switch this off.

How do we communicate through the mobile app to our WordPress with installed Chat plugin?

Just install mobile chat app, login with your registered account credentials of and communicate with customers or visitors of your website.

Chat window is not displayed for guests – but when I logged into WP admin is visible on frontend. How do I change this? That’s the whole idea, that there must be chat to guests.

Check your chats plugin status mode. It shouldn’t be in „Offline mode” etc. there are some other modes, that you can set. Just select your right chat status mode.

I just installed your Chat plugin and I am logged in. I want to test the Chat, but I can’t find any place in my admin dashboards from where I can reply my sites visitors chat.

When the chat get started, you can see your incoming messages in your online chat dashboard at –> “Online Chat”.
To get there you just need to login with your email and pass at or do it from your WordPress admin dashboard –> „Chats” –> „Open administration area” –> „Online Chat”. In „Online users (active chats)” you will see your incoming messages.

Hi, is there a way to delete some of the chats in archive?

Yes you can delete archive messages, but only in PRO plugin version. In your list of archive messages you will be able to tick the messages you want to delete.

I would like to have the chat now on the landing page.

To set chat on your landing page go to your WordPress admin dashboard –> Chat –> Chat window on Posts and Pages –> Visibility of chat window. Just play with configuration and do not forget to save the changes.

How do we get admin avatar or headshot for chatbox?

In order to set user and admin avatars for chatbox you have to go from your WordPress admin dashboard to Chat –> „Chat signatures” –> tick “Show avatars”. In front of “Admin avatars” click „Select” and in an appeared window click on „Select files”. When the necessary image is downloaded to Media library” click on „Select” in the right bottom corner of the page. Same do with „User avatar”.

Dear Chat Team, I need Chat Chrome extension, could you give me its link?

You can find Chat Chrome extension in Chrome Store by writing „wp-chat” in search box.
Here is the link:

Is it possible to only ask the user for Name, and not Email address?

Yes, it is possible in PRO plugin version. From your online dashboard go to plugin settings and in section „Main” in front of „Visitor email” choose „Do not ask” and save changes.

Hello. We have two people (one in USA and one in France). We both want to get messages when a user tries to chat so one of us can respond. How does it work? Do both of us get messages or only one does (if so can we control who gets it)? And what is the diff between an admin and operator? Thanks

In FREE version of the chat plugin the chat can be seen and spread to all admins and operators equally. The chat is spread to the operator only if he/she is active.
In PRO version admin can see all chats and also to what operator the chat is directed. In this version admin can set priority incoming messages to operators and the number of simultaneous chats for every operator.
As for the difference between the admin and operator is that the operator takes part in chats of those website, in which the admin allows. Admin add sites, manage them, create and control other users, in PRO version the admin set in that line the operators will answer the message.


Chat Error

Hi, I am getting following error. ---------------------------------------------------- Error connecting to server --------------------------------------------------- Also when i logged into chat account .I can't see message dashboard to view or reply chat messages.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales” este un software open source. Următoarele persoane au contribuit la acest modul.

Istoric modificări

Version 1.3.9

  • Approved chat security for SSL connections
  • Server rewritings
  • Some chat speed optimization
  • Tested chat for WordPress 4.9.8

Version 1.3.8

  • „Default” Chat displaying on new created articles and pages
  • Fixed Pro button
  • Triggers for free online chat users. Configuration available on

Version 1.3.7

  • Method of integration „internal” is deprecated
  • New status icons
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9
  • Fixes for translations
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.3.6

  • Mail notifications fixes

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.3.5)

  • Fixes for translations

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.3.4)

  • Authorization error fixed
  • Activation error fixed
  • Fixed another bugs

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.3.3)

  • Fixed Russian and Italian translations
  • Simplified registration
  • Improved display of the plugin settings page on mobile devices
  • Bug fixes

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.3.2)

  • Show status indicator on chat box
  • Show status indicator on administrator toolbar
  • Change chat status from administrator toolbar
  • Individual signature operator
  • Installation of chat on the site was simplified
  • Bug fixes

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.3.1)

  • fits in every design, theme or website template
  • Call chat as bookmark link;
  • Favourite link to call a chat (#chat_open, #chat_close, #chat);
  • Call chat through website menu item;
  • Favourite item in menu of the website;
  • Call of chat box using a special pages from pages list;
  • Integrate everywhere a call of chat-box (#wpadm-chat-open, #wpadm-chat-close, #wpadm-chat);
  • Through adding of bookmark link on any place in theme the chat can be called from there;
  • Fully customizable Chat widget „WPAdm Chat Control” on WordPress website;
  • Integrate Chat using fully customizable Chat Shortcode [wpadm-chat] in content or other places on WordPress;
  • Integrate Chat using of JavaScript-methods (available wpadm_chat_open(), wpadm_chat_close() and wpadm_chat() )
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.3.0)

  • Integration method: internal or external
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.2.2)

  • Custom additional fields(if Chat status „Offline”)
  • Tested up to 4.7.1

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.2.1)

  • Multi lingual interface.
  • Chat box is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.2.0)

  • Links in messages.
  • Support sites in Cloudflare service.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.1.2)

  • Added the ability to ask the name and email of the chat visitor.
  • Chat plugin was connected to Mobile App through service.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version

  • Update of translate.
  • Fix of SMTP send.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version

  • Add test to email.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version

  • Fix options update chats.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version

  • Chat interface improvements.
  • Stylesheets changes.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.0.6)

  • Email notifications by sending of online chat messages.
  • Email notifications by sending of offline chat messages.
  • Sending of off-line messages can be customized.
  • Test of own SMTP for email in chat is possible.
  • Using of email address from installed WordPress.
  • Corecții de erori.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version

  • Added capability to show and change chat avatars (chat badges and chat messages).
  • Chat-box and chat button position can be changed.
  • The sound of chat can be also changed.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version

  • Interface improvements of Chats plugin.
  • Added item to admin-bar menu.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.0.5)

  • Interface improvements of Chats plugin.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.0.4)

  • Added detection of timezone of user.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.0.3)

  • To page with settings was added block „Notifications”.
  • Added capability to notify admin about the new chat conversion by email.
  • Added capability to send „offline” message by email to admin.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.0.2)

  • Improved template for page with settings.
  • Added area for quick authorization and activation of chat.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.0.1)

  • To our live chat software (plugin) was added page with settings of
    • customized chat colors,
    • background chat settings,
    • window chat position,
    • chat mode (online chat operator, offline chat operator etc.),
    • sizing of chat window (chat window size),
    • chat personal key was also added/updated,
    • customization of text: chat plugin administrator can customize chat phrases to showing this for customers or just for visitors).
  • To live chats was added offline mode.
  • Improved method for adjusting settings, connection of plugin, sending offline messages.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales (Chats version 1.0.0)

  • Improved sending of chats messages with ajax.
  • To chat was added clearing of chat messages after finishing chat.
  • To live chats added sending of chat logs. Improved formatting of chat messages in chat texts.