Category Featured Image


Set a featured image for post by a category

  • Bulk set the featured image of all the posts, when setting the category featured image.
  • If there are multiple categories, the parent category featured image takes precedence.
  • Can apply a category featured image to the post featured image, when posting.
  • Supports Custom Post Types.


  • Pressing the „Update” button after „Add New Image” or „Replace Image” under „Edit Category” will change the featured image for all posts in that category.
  • Even if you do not set an image, pressing the „Update” button under „Edit Category” will remove the featured image for all posts in that category.
  • If you do not need this feature, do not use this plugin !

Capturi ecran

  • Add image to category
  • Update image of category


  1. Upload category-featured-image directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Întrebări frecvente



18 aprilie 2024
The regular WordPress support links to a website and the plugin replaces all images in a category instead of just allow a category image to be set. The name should be changed from „Category Featured Image” to „Replace Post Featured Images In Categories”.
26 septembrie 2022
Don’t try this plugin without backing up your website first. I set the category to an image, and it then sets every the featured image of every post in that category to the category image. I then deleted the category featured image and every post now has no featured image. Not happy! Now to restore my website.


7 iunie 2022
deletes the featured images of the posts in the category and inserts the image in all posts in the category in its place. Useless
5 ianuarie 2021
As I can see some negative reviews here, thos are bcos those people might be unaware of what the plugin does. It sets category featured image as post featured image. And it did that perfectly. What I suggest is when we add category list using wordpress default category block in pages, If these category images show up there.. Then that would be amazing .
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Istoric modificări


Supported WordPress 6.4.
PHP 8.0 is now required.


Fixed translation.


Added a note on the use of this plugin.


Supported WordPress 5.7.


Fixed an issue with theme support.


Fixed an issue with getting category metadata.
Thanks @prionkor !


Fixed an error when acquiring terms.


Fixed translation.


Excluded the exclusion settings.


Fixed an error when acquiring terms.


Fixed an error when acquiring terms.
Fixed a problem when featured image was not applied.


Fixed a problem with new posts.


Conformed to the WordPress coding standard.


Add the function to apply or exclude category bulk changes by post.
Supports Custom Post Types.


Addition of termmeta deletion when uninstalling.


Initial release.