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Brandreward offers you a quick and effortless way to partner with and earn commissions from over 30,000 global brands that you actually know and love. Connect to our powerful brand connection & tracking system with this simple plugin and discover just how easy it really is to earn from your content.

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  • The page you copy and paste your SITE ID in Brandreward site.


  1. Upload the Brandreward folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  3. If you don\’t already have a Brandreward account, sign up at
  4. Configure the plugin in the WordPress Settings > Brandreward menu

Întrebări frecvente

Why use the Brandreward plugin?

Partner with over 30,000 global brands from over 15 different categories of products/services in one go. Did we mention that our in-house brand partnership team also accepts feedback on brands that you want to connect and earn from? Just send us an email through your account dashboard.
Receive 85% of commissions from all sales, email signups, product reviews, confirmed registrations and anything else that our brand partners allow commissions on. Payout is easy and automated as well.
You get tri-fecta platform earnings with web, mobile and tablet friendly technology from our plugin to earn commissions regardless of what your audience is using to read your blog.
Suggest features and we’ll put them in our „think box” for real consideration. Geeks will always be geeks and we’re here to make monetization fun and easy.
Big data is easy to understand with our reporting system and account team. You get to see the clicks, brands, earnings and all the important information you want. If you want to setup a chat with a conversion analyst, then just let us know through your dashboard and we’ll get it scheduled. Our team finds data to be super fun and quite insightful for bloggers.
Your Dashboard Account

Pure and simple, our entire team is driven to get results for bloggers because we believe you deserve to be paid by brands for all your social efforts. Behind the scenes, we are a small but diverse team of geeky individuals that love analyzing, innovating and generating the „real value” of branded content; and above all we don’t earn unless our beloved bloggers earn as well.
It doesn’t matter is you are a seasoned couture fashion blogger, a home & garden writer, a techie all about the newest and latest gadgets or just simply a noob in the WordPress blogger world, the Brandreward plugin can help you automatically earn with a simple 5 minute setup.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Signup at

Step 2: Download the Brandreward WordPress Plugin

Step 3: Login to your Dashboard and complete your account information

Step 4: Wait, there is no Step 4… you’re set after Step 3!


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