Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

Bitcoin Lightning Publisher for WordPress


Bitcoin Lightning Publisher is a Paywall, Donation and Value 4 Value plugin for WordPress to accept instant Bitcoin Lightning payments.
It allows you to monetize any digital content with instant microtransactions and receive payments from your visitors directly to your preferred wallet – no need for expensive service providers.

The plugin is the easiest and most flexible plugin to sell your digital content and to receive donations or Value 4 Value payments.
Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network you can create the best visitor experience with seamless one-click payments.

Benefits for you, the publisher:
– Monetize any digital content with instant microtransactions
– Create custom paywalls according to your needs
– Best and fastest checkout payment experience
– Superior paywall user experience
– Save payment fees by using the inexpensive Bitcoin Lightning Network – no need to payment service providers
– Receive payments directly in your preferred wallet (see „Lightning node connections”)

Benefits for your vistors/customers:
– Seamless one-click payments and quick access to the content
– Global availability – let customers from around the world send you payments through the open Bitcoin payment network

Use Case Examples:
– Accept donations / Value 4 Value payments from your visitors
– Monetize any digital content on your website: Articles, pages, file, videos, music, podcasts
– Receive payments (boosts and boostagrams) from podcasting apps via the Podcasting 2.0 podcast:value RSS standard
– Integrate payments with your website functionality
– many more


Paywall to sell content

Sell any digital content (pay-per-post, pay-per-view, pay-per-download, etc.) with a highly configurable paywall

  • WebLN enabled by default for easy on-click payments
  • Add a paywall to posts and pages to easily charge for any published content
  • Crowdfund option: make the content freely available after a certain amount is received
  • Time-in option: keep the article freely available for a certain time and then enable the paywall after that
  • Time-out option: make the article freely available after a certain time
  • Configure the price in Satoshis, EUR, USD, or GBP (with real-time exchange rate)
  • Configure the paywall with a shortcode ([lnpaywall])
  • Or configure the paywall with a Gutenberg Block
  • Integrate with other tools and plugins like membership tools to control if the paywall should be enabled (see Paywall Hook section)

Donation / Value 4 Value payments

The plugin comes with various options to receive donations and Value 4 Value payments.

  • Gutenberg block for a donation widget
  • Donation widget for themes
  • Enable the Lightning meta tag to allow users to send payments (Value 4 Value)
  • Enable the podcast:value tag in your RSS feed to receive payments for your podcast

Lightning Node connections

Connect to your existing Bitcoin Lightning node or simply create a new Alby account to instantly receive Lightning payments.

  • Alby
  • LND
  • LNDHub (e.g. BlueWallet)
  • LNBits
  • BTCPay Server
  • Lightning Address

REST-API for full advanced custom usage

For more advanced, custom Lightning integrations you can use the REST API to create and verify invoices. The API also provides a LNURL-pay endpoint. See the REST-API section for details.


Refer to the readme on GitHub for documentation and more details on how to use the plugin.

Additional Info

This plugin is free and open source. We welcome and appreciate new contributions.
Visit the code repository and help us to improve the plugin.

Want to support the work on this plugin?
Support the team behind it and send some sats to this Bitcoin Lightning Address

Capturi ecran

  • Paywall Settings
  • Wallet Settings
  • Payment flow
  • Demo article with paywall
  • Paying for a demo article with Alby


Acest modul oferă 3 blocuri.

  • Lightning WebLN Donate Button
  • Twentyuno Lightning Payment Widget
  • Lightning Paywall


11 iunie 2024
Plugin stopped working – ‘not tested with latest version of Wordpress’ Gives Javascript error, unable to access wallet settings from Wordpress dashboard Pity, it was working well until recently.
27 octombrie 2022
Alby is wonderful for setting up easy paywalls or small sats payments functions for the website. I love the donation widget and how it connects easily to my wallet. It took seconds to install and only 2 minutes to get placed on the pages I need it on. Keep up the great work
26 august 2022
I have been waiting for such a paywall plugin for some time now. With bitcoin instant micropayments become possible. That makes so much sense for paywalls. I especially like the different paywall options. But it also comes with a donation widget. And the plugin allows me to choose the wallet that I want to connect to receive payments. It just works and no complaints from my readers. Great job.
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