Beacon Payment Gateway


Install this plugin in your WooCommerce store, set a receiver address and start collecting crypto payment such with uUSD or any other FA2 compatible Tezos token.


Directly from this GitHub or via .

Installation & configuration

Install the plugin directly through the wordpress plugin directory. Afterwards follow these steps:

  1. In the admin, enable the payment gateway by going to WooCommerce -> Payments -> Beacon
  2. Click on manage
  3. Enable the payment gateway, set a title, description, recipient address (your Tezos Wallet address), min Confirmations (you can leave it as default), set a store name and define the payment button description
  4. Navigate to Plugins -> Beacon configuration
  5. Enable the currencies you want to accept and the conversion rate to your main store currency


Just run
composer install
php vendor/bin/phpunit


  • Support for native Tez
  • Support for FA2 compatible tokens


Before integrating a new feature, please quickly reach out to us in an issue so we can discuss and coordinate the change.

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