Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

BadgeOS Community Add-on


The „BadgeOS Community Add-on” integrates BadgeOS features into BuddyPress and bbPress. Site members complete achievements and earn badges/points/ranks based on a range of community activity and triggers. This add-on to BadgeOS also includes the ability to display badges/points/ranks on user profiles and activity feeds.

Note: You will need to install the free BadgeOS plugin™ (version 3.4 or higher) to use the BadgeOS Community Add-on. You will also need the BuddyPress plugin v5.0.0 or higher installed.

Get the BadgeOS plugin.

BadgeOS™ turns your WordPress site into an achievement and badging system. And with BuddyPress enabled on your site, achievements are not only awarded by demonstrating skills and knowledge, but also by participating in community activities. Define the achievements/points/ranks, organize the badge/point/rank requirements any way you like, and choose from and combine a range of assessment and community activity options to determine whether each task or requirement has been achieved.

Earned badges are Mozilla OBI compatible and sharable via BadgeOS Social Sharing.

New ways to define achievements and give badges/points/ranks for community activity

In addition to all of the out-of-the-box features in BadgeOS core, this add-on allows you to award badges based on these additional triggers:

  • Profile Updates:

    • Activated Account
    • Change Profile Avatar
    • Update Profile information
  • Social Actions:

    • Write an Activity Stream message
    • Write a Group Activity Stream message
    • Reply to an item in an Activity Stream
    • Favorite an Activity Stream item
    • Send a Friendship Request
    • Accept a Friendship Request
    • Send/reply to a Private Message
  • Group Actions:

    • Create a Group
    • Join a Group
    • Join a Specific Group
    • Invite Someone to Join a Group
    • Get Promoted to Group Moderator/Administrator
    • Promote another Group Member to Group Moderator/Administrator
  • Discussion Forum Actions:

    • Add a New Forum Topic
    • Reply to a Forum Topic

Social Display of Badges and Achievements:

  • Display earned badges and achievements of any kind on user profiles
  • Add activity updates to user Activity Stream when badges and achievements are earned
  • Each user may share his or her earned badges on social networks via Credly

User and BadgeOS Settings:

  • BadgeOSadmin setting to select which custom BadgeOS achievement types should be displayed on user profiles
  • BadgeOSadmin setting to select which custom BadgeOS achievement types should be displayed in Activity Streams
  • User can adjust Credly sharing settings from community profile settings

Combine Community Steps with BadgeOS Steps in Defining Achievements

  • Simple interface for defining the „Required Steps” for any badge or achievement seamlessly integrates community actions
  • Easily define achievements that rely on both BadgeOS required steps and community actions
  • Easily link together one or more triggers, steps or actions into the conditions needed to earn any badge or mark an achievement.

Community Badges are Sharable with Credly Integration

  • As with the BadgeOS core plugin, community badges are Mozilla Open Badge (OBI) compatible through integration of the „Open Credit” API by Credly, the free web service for issuing, earning and sharing badges.
  • Badges you create in BadgeOS automatically appear and update on Credly
  • Use Credly iOS app to issue community badges you created on your WordPress/BuddyPress/BadgeOS site.
  • As badges are earned on WordPress/BuddyPress, they can be automatically sent to Credly for easy sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mozilla Backpack, the earner’s own web site, blog, or Credly profile.

Filter Submission Lists by BuddyPress Group
The core BadgeOS Submissions lists can now be filtered by BuddyPress user group. This makes it much easier for administrators to moderate submissions group by group.

This filter compounds with the existing Submission Status and Search filters, making it possible to refine the submission list even further.

Extensibility and Additional BadgeOS Add-ons

  • BadgeOS is designed to be a true operating system for turning any WordPress site into an engagement management application.
  • Built with expandability in mind to allow virtually anything to trigger and recognize achievement.
  • BadgeOS plans to continue to release a range of Add-Ons to the plugin – like the BadgeOS Community Add-on – that enhance core functionality with specialized functions.
  • Check out some of the BadgeOS customizations we’ve already implemented to get a sense for what you might expect.

Stay Connected / Helpful Links

BadgeOS is made available by LearningTimes, LLC. Here are some ways to stay connected and to see what else we are up to:

Capturi ecran

  • „Community Activity” joins multiple other BadgeOS methods for awarding and defining achievements.

  • A wide range of BuddyPress and bbPress actions can be selected as required steps towards the completion of any BadgeOS achievement type.

  • Combine BadgeOS Community Add-On actions with any other BadgeOS assessment requirements to customize the required steps for any badge or achievement.

  • Display select or all earned achievements and badges on the BuddyPress Activity Stream and User Profiles.

  • Earned badges on your BadgeOS Community site are „Open Badges” that are sharable via Credly to virtually any social network, site, blog or the Mozilla Backpack.


  1. Upload, activate and configure the free BadgeOS plugin to WordPress.
  2. Upload, activate and configure the free BuddyPress plugin to WordPress.
  3. Upload ‘badgeos-community’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Add community action requirements to any new or existing achievement item using the “Earn by” menu for any achievement.
  6. Edit “Achievement Types” to select options for display of earned badges in BuddyPress activity feeds and profiles.
  7. Ensure that you have entered the Credly credentials for the badge Issuer in the Credly Integration settings of BadgeOS core to enable badge sharing.

Întrebări frecvente

Any ideas for making badge images?

Yes! You can start at BadgeOS Badge Builder and use the badge builder there to create beautiful looking badges.

Can you help us design custom badge images?

Yes, our designers are available to create custom badges that represent your brand, the kind of achievements you recognize, and the audience you are reaching. From a single badge to a complete constellation, our team of professional badge designers get to know your needs through a tested Badge Design Process which consistently produces successful and delightful results.

See examples and learn more at:

Do you offer services to help us design, build or customize our BadgeOS site?

Yes, we do. We especially enjoy working on innovative projects with forward-thinking teams extending achievement recognition into new environments and surfacing achievement in new ways. See examples and learn more at:

Where should I report issues or bugs?

The ideal place for bug and issue reporting is on the GitHub site for the BadgeOS project.

Where should I contribute code back to the project?

Thanks for asking! Please do share back code modifications or enhancements you make for inclusion in BadgeOS core or as add-ons. (Functions that are specialized for just some users are likely best as add-on plugins to BadgeOS. We can help figure that out with you.) Visit us on GitHub to share your code with the BadgeOS community.


19 august 2020
Super fast support team! Well documented and very easy to use. Big thanks to the BadgeOS team for providing this plugin for free!
19 august 2020
I was so happy when I found out the integration with BadgeOS exists, makes my community website look so much cooler!
19 august 2020
Replied to all my queries super fast, will definitely use their other products!
13 august 2020
Had no idea this would be so cool and simple, I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas how to reward my users for interacting with the community! I highly recommend adding Badgeos and this addd-on to your plugin stack!
13 august 2020
Great for my website! My users love collecting points for everything they do in the community
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„BadgeOS Community Add-on” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • Fix: Compatibility issues with latest version of PHP, WordPress and BadgeOS
  • Fix: Trigger – Write a Group Activity Stream message for a specific group
  • Fix: Trigger – Invite someone to join a Specific group
  • Fix: Trigger – Join a Specific Group


  • Fix: Compatibility issues with latest version of PHP, WordPress and BadgeOS


  • Fix: Fixed Account Setting update page crashing issue


  • New: Write a Group Activity Stream message for specific group.
  • New: Invite someone to join a specific group.
  • New: Promoted to a specific Group Moderator/Administrator.
  • New: Create a specific Forum Topic.
  • New: Reply to a specific Forum Topic.
  • Fix: Promoted to Group Moderator/Administrator trigger
  • Fix: Promote another Group Member to Moderator/Administrator trigger
  • Fix: Fixed some PHP warnings by adding checks


  • Fix: Fixed buddyPress profile issue on badge detail page
  • Fix: Made the add-on compatible with the latest version of badgeOS and BuddyPress plugins


  • Fix: Updated shortcode for profile achievement tab
  • Fix: Removed poinits from achievement tab
  • Fix: Revamped some db queries


  • New: Added activity support for point and rank types
  • New: Added option to update achievement and steps post type slugs
  • Fix: Fixed CMB2 compatibility issues
  • Fix: UI Tweaks

= 1.2.6
* Fix: Replaced current user id with buddypress user id for points and rank tabs


  • New: Displayed BadgeOS ranks on profile page
  • New: Displayed BadgeOS points on profile page
  • New: Added option to display badges and ranks progress map on buddypress profile
  • New: Added trigger „Get a favorite on an activity stream item”: When a user gets a new favorite on an activity stream message.
  • New: Added trigger „Get accepted on a private group”: When a user gets accepted on a private group.
  • New: Added trigger „Get accepted on a specific private group”: When a user gets accepted on a specific private group.
  • New: Added trigger „when the user completes their profile”: when user adds/complete all the profile fields
  • Fix: Activated account trigger issue
  • Fix: Change avatar trigger issue
  • Fix: update profile trigger issue
  • Fix: Number of time field issue with BadgeOS Community add-ons triggers
  • Fix: Join a group and Join specific group triggers conflict
  • Fix: Made the add-on compatible with the latest version of BadgeOS


  • Fixed: PHP 7.1.8 Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings


  • Updated: Get user ID if groups_join_specific_group is the current filter being executed
  • Updated: Check for appropriate groupID if groups_join_specific_group is the current filter, before awarding achievement


Fixed: Add groups_join_specific_group triggers for groups that are by request or invite only.


  • Fixed: Prevent activity list items from being flagged as spam due to too many links.
  • Fixed: Hide frontend profile „Send to Credly” checkbox if Credly integration is disabled.
  • Fixed: Add checks for BuddyPress or bbPress being enabled before able to enable Community Add-on.
  • Fixed: Prevent render issues in Steps UI when BuddyPress isn’t activated.
  • Fixed: Renamed bagdeos_bp_member_achievements filter to badgeos_bp_member_achievements to fix typo.
  • Fixed: Textdomain path should now load translations more accurately.
  • Fixed: Changed calls from add_action to add_filter to match hook type.
  • Fixed: Pass in trigger, site ID, and args into earned achievement check.
  • Fixed: Create our own groups_join_specific_group action to allow for awarding of that available trigger.


  • New: Submission lists can now be filtered by Group ID.
  • New: Added filter badgeos_award_achievement_bp_activity_details for altering the BuddyPress activity stream data before insertion.


  • Fixed: Show community triggers when either BadgeOS, BuddyPress or this add-on are activated network-wide.
  • Updated: Show Achievements menu in BuddyPress profile even if no achievements have been earned on a single network site.


  • New: Show all achievements from across a multisite network in member profile


  • Fix: Fixed bug that prevented unlocking achievements attached to unlocked steps.
  • Fix: Check if group component is turned on before querying groups.


  • New: Added .po and .mo files for internationalization
  • Updated: Check for BadgeOS version 1.0.2 or higher before activating plugin.
  • Fix: Stomped out a bug that prevented certain community triggers from unlocking steps


  • BadgeOS Community Add-on says „hello buddy”, earns „Hello Buddy” badge.