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Job Applicant Tracking & Staff Directory by SwiftCloud


Swift Staff

This plugin does 2 things:

  1. Adds an instant Jobs Section with nice Job Application Forms, in preparation for SwiftCloud Version 2 Job Applicant Tracking System for recruiting and HR.
  2. Also optionally creates a staff directory custom post type, so you can easily manage a nice looking and searchable staff directory. You can optionally use tags to sort by location or department, and we will be integrating vCard / hCard functions based on SwiftCloud profiles (free or paid accounts).

More Details
Job Board Postings are microformat and HTML5 compliant, so they should be getting picked up by job-board syndicators. The auto-generated form automatically tracks the applicants to the job applied for, and you can optionally add pre-interview questions to pre-filter applicants.

Certain portions of this system require a SwiftCloud account to be useful, but that is currently free while we are beta testing and building value.

The staff directory creates a custom post type for staff, so that you can easily add a nice-looking directory separate from your pages and posts.

1. [swift_staff_list] will show a list of all staff, starting with oldest-post-first. This is intentional, as founders and higher-level company employees are typically added before, so if you need to re-sort staff members, just adjust the post-dates to suit your needs.


  • English – for now, that’s all, but if interested we welcome some help! Contact us for a .pot file.

Capturi ecran

  • Wordpress Admin for Pre-Interview Questions Application Form
  • Example Staff Directory
  • Example Job Posting. The button is appended automatically, optionally add tags and location.
  • Example Job Posting after apply now button is clicked. If enabled, pre-interview questions will show automatically after the first step. Notice the custom sidebar.


You probably know the drill by now, but if not, there’s an auto-triggered setup wizard, just click yes. You can delete or rename the pages as needed.

  1. Note you will need some SwiftCloud Forms. We have an easy, drag-and-drop forms editor – pay special attention to the right side options (i.e. whom to notify, where to send the user after application). To create a webform, login at (free signup) and click ‘new form’, drag and drop fields to create a form, click save, and then remember the number it gives you (in the URL after you click save, or click the install / get code top right and note the number).
  2. Enter that number into the settings panel as needed.


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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Job Applicant Tracking & Staff Directory by SwiftCloud” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • Local capture


  • Updated url for SwiftCRM


  • WordPress compatibility updates for v5.2


  • Fixed captcha issue on Apply for job form.


  • Updated SwiftCloud form submission url.


  • Added option to choose Job list and Staff listing page in settings.


  • UI Improvement & Bug fixing.


  • UI Improvement.


  • Added option for Job and staff slug.
  • UI Improvement.


  • Added option for Job post.
  • Auto-Append Job Application Form to Job Posts.


  • Added CPT for staff


  • Basic Setup
  • Jobs management