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Responsive Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress – Apex Notification Bar Lite



Acest modul a fost închis la data de 30 martie 2023 și nu mai este disponibil pentru descărcare. Motiv: Încălcare directivă.


24 martie 2021 2 răspunsuri
I reported this issue 8 months ago, and it still remains unresolved. I even told the developers the exact code line fix. The problem is that this plugin contains reset CSS styles on global elements like list items, etc. THIS PLUGIN WILL MESS UP YOUR THEME! Don’t waste your time on a plugin where the developers don’t fix reported issues, or seem to have a grasp on CSS.
16 noiembrie 2020 1 răspuns
Hi, I hope this review is seen by the builders because I can’t figure out where to go to add my question to a forum. I installed the free version on several websites and it is working quite well on one of the sites. However, I cannot get the message to change on two other sites – not with refresh or uninstall/delete from server. Even after I deleted the plugin from the web server, the notification still showed… HELP?!!! I just want to change the notice but it won’t take. Thank you!
17 martie 2020 1 răspuns
This is one of the only notification bars I can get to work okay with the divi theme and a fixed navigation menu. Having the bottom location for notifications is a great alternative to doing other adjustments. Fairly easy to get a notice up asap and easily.
12 decembrie 2018
I checked almost all notification bar plugins and they all were horrible. Those with the best settings didn’t work, those who were primitive worked but usually have issues with Customizr theme (the bar was overlapping header) and lacked the ability to put the bar on the bottom of a site (where the overlapping issue is not relevant) or had no customization option for font sizes, etc. I didn’t have hopes for this plugin here. It also has issues with an overlapping header but it can be placed on the bottom. The bar looks better on pre-made layouts but they rarely fit into site design, while the custom look is not so nice, especially when I set just simple static bar with a color and text then the close button is ugly and not possible to customize aside colors. There are many areas where this plugin can be improved but in a free version, it offers a workable effect, especially that the competition fails miserably. So in overall, this is a positive surprise.
1 aprilie 2018 1 răspuns
The custom settings don’t work in my Yootheme theme (couldn’t change the colors or the fonts). I’m sure it’s because of the way Yootheme works. I left to try others and couldn’t find another as good as this, so returned and am using it with it’s built-in template. When used as a ticker with moving text, their built-in styles look fine. Only thing missing is the ability to customize the look in my theme, and I bet the developer has a solution for that.
22 noiembrie 2017 1 răspuns
Difficult to use, no way to remove the button, I just want to add a simple message to the top of my site, nope couldn’t figure that out.
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