All in one Minifier


All in one Minifier reduce your page load by minify your HTML source on page with all the CSS and JS code present in your page.


  • Cache support for automatic optimization. Just install and serve fast websites.
  • It will surely minify your code to 100%.
  • Speed up by 30% to 50% page once.
  • Live page speed preview for frontend. Generate report without adding minify option to site for front users.
  • Free to install and use.

Capturi ecran

  • A general view of the plugin "options" page.
  • A screenshot of detailed Page Speed Report.
  • A screenshot of the code source of a minified page.


Using plugins page

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New and search for All in one Minifier.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Click the All in one Minifier link located in main menu section to configure the plugin options

Using Manual File System

  1. Upload all-in-one-minifier to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click the All in one Minifier link located in main menu section to configure the plugin options


15 mai 2023
I like this plugin, simple, effective and which lists the gains obtained for each page. Very informative!!
25 octombrie 2022 1 răspuns
Let me clarify at the very beginning: The plugin does what it claims to do: Completely minifiyng the source code. If this is what you are searching for - look no further. HOWEVER. I guess we all agree that the key idea behind minifying is to further reduce filesize and to serve pages faster. This plugin does the exact opposite, as I could verify on several of my wordpress pages, all on different servers and configurations, PHP versions and so on. The calculations done by this plugin are so heavy, that TTFB is pushed up from around 80-100ms to around 1.000ms in some cases, so actually it made the page slower by a magnitude of 10! The tradeoff of a smaller served fileszie is completely eaten up by the calculations this plugin does to reduce the filesize. Deactivating the plugin immediatly boosted my lighthouse score up by around 5 to 10 points. Good idea - but sadly bad execution.
14 aprilie 2022
My WP installation is currently running 49 plugins... All in one Minifier Version 0.3 working in spectacular fashion both Admin side and on the front end. No errors/warnings of any kind being logged. Great plugin! Wish you the Best! Hope this one goes FAR!
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„All in one Minifier” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • New: No need to create cache manually. Auto create cache when updating post / pages.


  • Upgrade: More accurate cache support.


  • New: Cache support
  • New: Updated Logic for optimization from run time to cache
  • Tested with WordPress 6.1.1


  • Tested with WordPress 6.0.2
  • Tested with various themes and plugins.


  • New: Live Page Speed view, don’t need to turn on plugins setting for frontend.
  • New: Added Filter options for Post types + Added all front pages in Page Speed Report.
  • Deprecated: Generate Report option instead managed without interfering with frontend users. Now report can directly generated from CMS.
  • Improvement: More new compressions added in this version.


  • New: Added feature for minify more complex page structures with multiple scripts, stylesheets.
  • New: Also more capable optimization with WP Rocket and other cache plugins.
  • Fix: Some characters fixes added for admin


  • New: Added option for Page Speed report in admin section.
  • New: Now the plugin having dedicated Menu „All in one Minifier”.
  • Improvement: Added new fixes and more stable version for CMS Minify.


  • Fix: Issues and updated more stable version


  • Initial Public Release