Alexa Certify


The Official Alexa WordPress Plugin makes it easy to certify your WordPress site on

If you have an Alexa Pro subscription for your WordPress site, this plugin makes it easy to add the Certify Code. To learn more about Certification and Alexa Pro, visit


To certify your site’s metrics:

  1. Upload the Official Alexa WordPress Plugin to your site.
  2. Activează modulul în meniul „Module” din WordPress
  3. Visit and click the „Certification Status” link.
  4. Copy the Certify Code and paste it into the plugin.
  5. Press Update.
  6. Press „Scan My Site” on


15 ianuarie 2019
Didn't work. We had to go into our php and manually drop in the code.
3 octombrie 2017
I would love to use Alexa but I lose a lot of functionality if I can't properly certify my site so I cannot justify paying for the service unfortunately.
3 septembrie 2016
Intente con el plugin, pero nunca me funciono, así que tuve que insertar directamente su código en el código fuente de mi sitio y quedo mucho mejor! 🙂
3 septembrie 2016
This plugin does nothing, but slow down your site. rankings are wierd. Pay for an alexa program and your ranking goes up. Stop paying and your ranking falls! Tried it with two sites, I can back up this claim with proof (or alexa may call it coincidence... which I dont understand as my traffic according to google analytics is consistent (even increased))
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Istoric modificări


Fix the PHP 7.0 compatibility issue


Fix the bug due to merge conflict


Certify endpoint updated to


New Configuration UI
Using Nonces for changing settings
Sanitize, escape, and validate the POST calls for changing setting


Retiring Claim. This plugin no longer supports it.


Update installation/configuration instructions


Move certify code into head section


Major revisions throughout