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AI Writer: Content Generator GPT | ChatGPT


Introducing the ultimate AI-powered content generator, designed for simplicity and speed! With just a single click, effortlessly create engaging posts and pages using the cutting-edge OpenAI API. Save time and energy while enjoying a lightning-fast, user-friendly experience tailored to your content creation needs.

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  1. Create an account at OpenAI.
  2. Create an API key and insert in the plugin settings (AI Writer -> Settings).
  3. Go to AI Writer -> New Content to create your AI generated content.
  4. … and always keep an eye on your OpenAI usage!

Open AI

The AI Engine utilizes the API from OpenAI. This plugin does not gather any information from your OpenAI account except for the number of tokens utilized. The data transmitted to the OpenAI servers primarily consists of the content of your article and the context you specify. The usage shown in the plugin’s settings is just for reference. It is important to check your usage on the OpenAI website for accurate information. Please also review their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information.

Capturi ecran

  • Create posts and pages
  • API Settings


19 aprilie 2023
This AI content generator plugin stands out for its remarkable ease of use, making it the simplest solution I've come across.
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