Advanced Random Posts Widget


This plugin will enable a custom, flexible and advanced random posts. It allows you to display a list of random posts via shortcode or widget with thumbnail, excerpt and post date, also you can display it from all or specific or multiple taxonomy.

Funcționalități incluse

  • Îți permite să setezi URL titlu.
  • Afișează miniaturi cu dimensiune și aliniere personalizată.
  • Afișează un rezumat cu lungime personalizată.
  • Afișează articole din toate categoriile, articole din categorii specifice sau multiple.
  • Afișează toate etichetele, etichete specifice sau multiple.
  • Display from all, specific or multiple taxonomy.
  • Afișează data articolului.
  • Display post modified date.
  • Post types.
  • Post status.
  • Allow you to set custom css class per widget.
  • Add custom html or text before and/or after random posts.
  • Piese multiple.

Support Me

Explicație scurtcod

Explicație pentru opțiuni scurtcod:

Scurtcod de bază


Display 10 random posts

[arpw limit="10"]

Display with thumbnail and set the size

[arpw thumbnail="true" thumbnail_size="arpw-thumbnail"]

Display posts based on category by id

[arpw thumbnail="true" cat="10"]

Display portfolio post type

[arpw post_type="portfolio"]

Iată argumentele implicite complete pentru scurtcod


Capturi ecran

  • Setările piesei


Din Panou control

  1. Autentifică-te în Panoul control WordPress și mergi la Module -> Adaugă modul
  2. Type advanced random posts widget in the search box and click on search button.
  3. Find Advanced Random Posts Widget plugin.
  4. Apoi dă clic pe Instalează acum, după care activează modulul.
  5. Mergi la pagina pieselor Aspect -> Piese.
  6. Find Random Posts widget.

Instalare via FTP

  1. Descărca modulul pe hard disk-ul tău.
  2. Dezarhivează.
  3. Upload the advanced-random-posts-widget folder into your plugins directory.
  4. Autentifică-te în Panoul control WordPress și dă clic pe meniul Module.
  5. Apoi activează modulul.
  6. Mergi la pagina pieselor Aspect -> Piese.
  7. Find Random Posts widget.

Întrebări frecvente

No image/thumbnail options?

Tema ta trebuie să accepte miniatură articol, te rog să mergi la pentru a citi mai multe informații și cum s-o activezi în temă.

Dimensiune miniatură

By default it uses arpw-thumbnail which have 50×50 size. If you want to use custom image size, you can install then create new image size, it will appear in the Dimensiune miniatură selectbox in the widget option.

Thumbnail Size Not Working Properly

I have mentioned it in the plugin description. If you use images that were uploaded to the media library before you installed this plugin and/or you have your own custom image sizes, please install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to fix the image size.

Cum să adaug un stil personalizat?

The plugin comes with a very basic style, if you want to add custom style please do wp_dequeue_style to remove the default stylesheet. Place the code below in your theme functions.php.

function prefix_remove_arpw_style() {
    wp_dequeue_style( 'arpw-style' );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'prefix_remove_arpw_style', 10 );

Then you can add your custom style using Custom CSS plugin or in your theme style.css. Here’s the plugin selector

/* ul */
.arpw-ul {}

/* li */
.arpw-li {}

/* title */
.arpw-title {}

/* thumbnail */
.arpw-thumbnail {}

/* date */
.arpw-time {}

/* excerpt */
.arpw-summary {}


11 mai 2019
This would be exactly what I'm looking for if it would display just thumbnails without the post titles. It looks like it's supposed to have the capability to suppress titles, but I can't get that to happen. I would give this five stars if I could do that.
30 octombrie 2018
Very frustrating. I want the widget to display the_content of the post(s), not merely the title or excerpt. This has been requested before, and someone even apparently wrote a patch and did a pull request, but apparently it was not accepted.
26 mai 2018
I was looking to have the posts side-by-side, not stacked. But regardless, with thumbnails enabled the posts don't stack correctly either; each subsequent post is indented from the last, resulting in the posts being arranged at a 45-degree angle down the page. *Not related to this plugin, but it really sucks that plugin reviews can't contain screenshots.
12 noiembrie 2016
I am absolutely satisfied and so happy this plugin exists. I use VIMEO PRO to post videos on my membership site. So I used this plugin together with the Automatic Featured Images from Videos plugin. This plugin is coded beautifully and perfectly with just the right amount of features and options. No bloat. Thank you! (Tell me where to donate…I would love to support.)
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Istoric modificări

2.2.0 – March 07, 2019

  • Support WordPress 5.1
  • Added: Display full post. props Rhys Wynne
  • Added: width and height attribute if using custom image size