ACF to Custom Database Tables


An add-on plugin for Advanced Custom Fields that lets you save custom fields data in an organized, structured database table instead of WordPress’s post meta table.


  • Create a database table from the ACF fields
  • ACF’s native method support
  • Custom wordpress filters to extend functionality.
  • Faster Searches & Easy Export
  • Detailed tables schema change log

Supported Fields

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Number
  • Range
  • Email
  • Url
  • Password
  • Image
  • File
  • Wysiwyg Editor
  • oEmbed
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Button Group
  • True / False
  • Link
  • Post Object
  • Page Link
  • Relationship
  • Taxonomy
  • User
  • Google Map
  • Date Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Color Picker
  • Group
  • Gallery (Pro Version)
  • Repeater (Pro Version)
  • Flexible Content (Pro Version)


Capturi ecran

  • Create a database table from the ACF fields

  • View SQL query and changes


Note: Advanced Custom Fields plugin free or paid version is required.

  1. Upload the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin.
  3. Go to the Custom Fields > Field Groups menu. Edit or create a field group and enable „Custom Table” option then enter custom table name inside „Custom Table Name” field.

Upgrade to Pro


1 octombrie 2023 1 răspuns
Hi, does your plugin support saving data from the front ( using acf_form() )  (not from the admin area) ? Thanks for your help.
28 septembrie 2023 1 răspuns
You have to create the custom posts by hand, one by one, from the admin. If you import them bulk, the custom table will not be updated. I have a custom post already created that I want to transfer to custom table; if I go to a post and update it, nothing happens, the data is not saved in the custom table.
4 octombrie 2022
First of all I want to thanks the author of this amazing plugin… we have a meet call where he explained to me some really usefully tricks to import a large database in his custom table, saving hours of working. This plugin is a must for anyone who use ACF. Also it works perfect with the JSON method from ACF. Nothing if more fast than this combination…. Again thanks and thanks 😄
5 februarie 2022
Working with a custom table is much more clear than working with the wp_postmeta table. I can edit the custom table now directly without problems. Many thanks to the developer 🙂
16 decembrie 2021 1 răspuns
Absolutely a 5 star plugin. Now why did I say "Excellent Start"? Because it does not support the Repeater field, which is almost a necessity for almost any serious ACF (Pro) project. Any project that uses the Repeater field won't be able to easily export all the Custom Field values, it will only see faster query executions. I hope this will be added in the future... but I do understand the difficulties in coding to support such functinality. Update: I just checked the official Documentation page, it it says it does support the Repeater field, which is not listed in the Description of this site... so I need to test it to find out which one is true... there are 2 conflicting statements here... Latest Update (after initial review): After further testing, Repeater fields are NOT supported, unless I'm doing something wrong, the documentation is definitely wrong ! Conclusions: Out of the box, extremely easy to setup, works like a charm by testing only few of the supported fields, and there are plenty of them. That said, I also wonder if there is a way to make it support 3rd party ACF fields, as the ACF eco. is quite large and there are a number of 3rd party custom made ACF fields that some of us use. The Read Only feature is an interesting one too, only Admins can edit that. I'm involved in another plugin that can make a field a Read Only, and in that case it is really a Read Only, nobody can edit it, so this take is way better ! Another interesting note: I think the Custom Fields by default also get stored in the Post Meta table as well the custom Table be create for them. Thankfully there is a filter to stop this behavior for those who want it. Obviously I need more time to read all the Doc pages and do more thorough testing in a few days... I absolutely love what I have experienced so far, Soon, I will come back here and give a verdict on the Repeater field, and clear things up ! Thanks a million, Nick.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„ACF to Custom Database Tables” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


13th November 2023
Fixed Attachment page issue


9th August 2023
Fixed warnings
Fixed UI issues
Changed table create schema
Tested on WP 6.3


10th September 2022
Fixed ACF data display issue when Local JSON setting is not enabled


9th July 2022
Fixed undefined warning
Added readonly support for Select field
Tested on WP 6.0


Fixed get_field bug – 5th February 2022


UI enhancements – 19th December 2021


First Version – 15th December 2021